(Hot Sale) On Xiaomi Power Edition Black Car DVR Just at $31.99 & Xiaomi YI Action Camera Just at $53.99


The Xiaomi Power Edition Black Car DVR features a high-end video processor with 60fps recording. It was designed to capture fast-moving scenes, record exciting moments, and provide accurate collision recordings immediately. With a highly efficient H.264 video decoding, the camera guarantees clear images in high resolution while optimizing storage space for more footage. In the event of a collision or sudden braking, YI Smart Dash Camera automatically saves footage. The YI Action Camera is a high performance, a pocket-sized dynamo that helps you be ready for anything. Be your own director, photographer, and editor on the run and capture life’s moments in HD.

Xiaomi Power Edition Black Car DVR

High-temperature resistant materials used to withstand various driving conditions. The 6-layer all-glass lenses with infrared optical filter ensure high-resolution images, with excellent color balance for the day and night rides. Always be in the frame with YI’s industry-leading 165′ ultra wide angle lens. The size of aperture determines the maximum intake of light. The larger the intake, the better is the performance under low light. The large F1.8 aperture on YI Smart Dash camera is specially designed to obtain maximum light intake and captures clear pictures in all light condition. Easy control and viewing with the large LCD touch screen with optimal display size and 4 large touch buttons. With the large display screen, you can keep your eyes on the road and not worry about fussing over operating the camera.

The simple user interface features single touching sharing and allows users to easily transfer images at any time. It is easy to operate and suitable for drivers of all ages. Supporting by YI technology’s brand exclusively customized master chip, starting the machine will be instantaneous, save your time and record every second. Built-in WI-FI: Single Touch Sharing: With a built-in 2.4 GHz wireless module simply open the app and comment the Dash camera via WIFI to view real-time footage or playback recordings. With the YI Smart Dash camera, you can easily share your journey with your friends at any time, wherever you are. Xiaomi Power Edition Black Car DVR is now available on Lightinthebox Just at $31.99.

Xiaomi YI Action Camera

A new high-performance and energy-saving Ambarella A9SE75 chip is the heart of Yi 4K. To create the camera which is so powerful and compact at the same time, we have used a cutting-edge 28 nm CMOS technology. Higher speed and reduced energy costs became possible through the use of 800 MHz dual-core Cortex-A9 ARM processor and a high-performance DSP. ?.264 ?? / ?? / ?? encoding delivers a high-quality video recording at a lower bitrate, increasing the allowable recording time, even if you shoot in 4K / 30fps. Capture all your incredible adventures with the help of Yi 4K action camera at a temperature from — 20 °C to + 85 °?. Yi 4K Action Camera is equipped with a 7-layer optical glass lens, which in combination with a wide aperture of f / 2.8 increases the amount of light absorbed, so you can shoot live and detailed footages. This custom design combines a high-sensitivity 330 ppi Retina Touch Screen sensor technology for easy and simple operation and a 2.9-inch Gorilla Glass, which is able to protect the screen from scratches and bumps. The display viewing angle reaches 160 ° without distortions, the resolution is 640 × 260.

When developing the new Yi 4K action camera we were thinking of photographers and travelers. We have used the world’s leading 1400 mAh lithium-ion battery by Ampetrex Technology (iPhone supplier) with a high voltage of 4.4 V. Thus, the Yi 4K action camera is able to operate up to 8 hours in standby mode and up to 120 minutes when shooting the high-quality 4K / 30 fps video without WiFi and with the LCD screen turned off. Broadcom, the leading provider of innovative telecommunication solutions, has created a BCM43340 chip, which operating speed will not give you time even to blink. Support for 802.11 a / b / g / n 5 GHz WiFi transmission increases the electromagnetic penetration and creates the effect of anti-interference, which is an additional improvement to the 2.4 GHz transmission. Download speeds up to 30 Mbps, more time to shoot, edit, and share stunning videos. Xiaomi YI Action Camera is now available on Lightinthebox just at $53.99.


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