(Hot Sale) On Xiaomi Square Box 2 Bluetooth Speaker in Just $16.99 & Xiaomi Smart Car DVR Full HD Camera in Just $30.99 (Coupons Inside)


Xiaomi Square Box 2 Bluetooth Speaker is made of excessive high-quality, aid for the contemporary Bluetooth 4.2, higher compatibility. the higher bass effect, extraordinary sound quality. as long as 10 hours song gambling time, extra easy to apply it when you go out. Pairing with your iPhone and other smartphones, watching movies, gambling games are the real leisure! And second, we have taken a look at the Xiaomi Smart Car DVR with Full HD Camera.

Xiaomi Square Box 2 Bluetooth Speaker

The Xiaomi Square Box 2 Bluetooth Speaker module as one of the center modules of Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth module, we have received the most acclaimed brand of CSR’s most recent Bluetooth 4.0 module, giving the most elevated sound gear similarity. With dimensions of 154.5 × 62 × 25.3 mm lightweight and compact speaker fits perfectly into the active life of a modern person. The housing is made of aluminum audio products in the form of small cubes. Due to the assembly of high quality and delicate finish looks presentable budget adaptation of the product, which is not ashamed to show friends.The Xiaomi Square Box 2 gives magnificent auxiliary strength, Not just shatterproof crash More against sweat surface erosion, appropriate to convey effortlessly in your pocket to give a square box with astounding convenience, a chance to facilitate your pocket.The front side Xiaomi Square Box with sounder made of special ABS-plastic. On the side, speakers are the power button, LED indicator and USB connector for charging the battery. On the bottom panel of the metal structure provided rubber inserts, eliminates unwanted resonance during playback. Xiaomi Speaker Mini Square Box is now available on Lightinthebox just at $16.99/€13.98 using Coupon Code: SQUAREMI1.

Xiaomi Smart Car DVR Full HD Camera

It is 10.00 x 5.50 x 3.20 cm in size and has a weight of 0.0700 kg. It has a built-in Sony IMX323 image sensor, that offers users a sharp and clear recording. This image sensor provides with a chance to record videos in 1920 X 1080 pixel resolution, which makes it Full HD (high definition), even though the camera is only 2 megapixels. As well as all that, the 130-degree wide angle allows capturing everything that is going on around. It covers everything that is going on in front of the car, and three lanes over. The lens in this DVR is extremely durable, covered with 7 layers that increase light transmission, decrease reflections, and help avoid different types of damage that may be brought on to it from extreme temperatures. To add to all that, this DVR easily and quickly recognizes voice commands. One can control it without taking their hands off the wheel. It can easily complete commands such as taking a photo, emergency recording, turning on or off the voice recorder, and turning the WiFi on or off. Built-in, it has a 240 mAh battery, that can quickly be recharged through the 3.5 M micro USB cable, that comes with a car charger. The rotatable handle on the DVR makes it easy to adjust it to any angle that is needed. Xiaomi Smart Car DVR Full HD Cameras is now available on Lightinthebox just at $30.99/€25.94 using Coupon Code: 70MAIDEAL.


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