How can we use hashtags on Instagram with more likes?


You’re undoubtedly aware that hashtags, which are words or phrases preceded by a # and written after the text of your material, are necessary for your content to reach new individuals at all times.

When used appropriately, hashtags are one of the most effective ways to broaden the reach of your posts and, in turn, boost the number of followers and engagement on your profile. Without the usage of #s, your work is at risk of fast fading into obscurity and being noticed by no one other than (maybe) your followers. You may believe that using the most popular and well-followed hashtags is the key to getting your posts seen. After all, the more popular the hashtag, the more likely your material will be seen, right? Wrong.

Which is better: popular hashtags or perfect hashtags?

At first sight, a hashtag with a million photographs can appear ideal to employ (who hasn’t been tempted to use a cheeky #love or #cat?) However, using hashtags like this makes it difficult for your content to stand out. The most major difference is that your post will not appear in the hashtag’s “most popular content” section. This is the key to attracting strangers to your profile and the content you share! A competitive index is the number of posts produced for a certain hashtag. As a result, if you publish a post with a # that is used by millions of people, it will be outdated in 3 seconds. (That’s not a joke) You can get more free Instagram likes.

The hashtags that will work best for you are determined by the size of your account, the number of people who follow you, and your industry niche. You should concentrate on hashtags with a small number of posts and “popular posts” in the foreground that have around the same number of likes as your photos. When you choose hashtags in this manner, your post is more likely to stand out and appear in “popular posts” related with the correct hashtags for your industry and the material you’ve written. Take the hashtag #arredobagno, for example.The hashtag had approximately 81,000 posts at the time of writing. When it comes to the “best posts” part, an average of 700 – 1,000 likes is required to rank in the section. It will be exceedingly difficult to categorise content in this space if your profile does not reach this “Like” level. If you want to get Instagram likes for your posts, maybe you can use Instagram auto liker. But how do we go about choose which numbers to use? We’ll show you a couple of tricks.

How to Find the Best Numbers

  • Find as many hashtags as you can that are relevant to your industry or company and write them down. To make your work go faster and easier, choose an Excel sheet or a text sheet. You can accomplish this by hand or with the help of a hashtag tool like Hashtagify or Tagfinder.
  • Write down all you can about the hashtags, including how many posts they have, how many posts they have every day, and how many likes the “popular posts” in the hashtag have on average.
  • Compare these numbers to your account’s engagement. What is the current number of likes on your content? Choose hashtags where the featured “popular posts” have around the same number of likes as the ones you get on a regular basis.

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