How Does A Signal Booster Work and Why You Should Get One


A cell signal booster (also called an amplifier or repeater) does what its name implies: boosts cell signal. It has a broad range of applications, including boosting cell service reception in areas with poor cellular reception.

How Does A Cell Signal Booster Work?

Cell signal boosters have three primary components: the amplifier, exterior antenna, and interior antenna. These parts work in harmony to boost mobile devices’ cellular reception in the immediate area. 

These devices work with the available phone reception with their outside antennas. The internal amplifier or repeater boosts the signal in the vicinity. Finally, the inside antenna rebroadcasts the reception in the area to allow devices to receive more reliable cellular service. 

Purchasing cell signal boosters promotes several benefits, ranging from reducing the frequency of unintentionally dropped calls to improving sluggish mobile Internet speed. Continue reading to know more about the reasons you should get a cell signal booster today. 

Reasons to Get A Cell Signal Booster

  • Fixed and Mobile Variants

You have different signal boosters to choose from in the market today, allowing excellent flexibility for different users. However, these devices fall under two major classifications: fixed and portable signal boosters.  

The market tends to sell many cell phone service boosters with fixed designs. In other words, you put these devices in one place, and you won’t need to move them around frequently. These fixed variants provide more cellular reception than their portable counterparts. Therefore, fixed cell signal boosters are ideal for home or office use. However, these kits can’t be used in vehicles due to the antennas and cabling they require.

Enter mobile cell phone signal boosters; these compact options are excellent choices for your vehicle. They are less powerful in fixed situations, but are more than capable of covering the interior of a car or the cabin of a boat.

  • Simple Installation and Maintenance

It’s possible to install a signal booster by yourself. You only need to follow the instructions in the kit, and the device should be up and running in a few minutes. 

Furthermore, it doesn’t require intensive maintenance procedures to maintain its performance quality. For example, the device might encounter a glitch wherein it doesn’t significantly boost the cellular service reception. One quick reset for the signal booster should recover the gadget’s performance. 

If you need extra help for installation, maintenance, or repairs, you can contact the manufacturer for professional help.

  • Eliminate Dropped Calls

Do you find yourself attempting unconventional methods to boost your phone’s signal?  For example, you’re trying to make an important call, but the cell service keeps dropping. You, then, decide to walk until you get better reception. However, you wind up in a cave as it’s the only place in the area that captures a decent cell phone service. 

Use a signal booster so you don’t have to walk inside caves or use other strange methods to acquire excellent cellular reception. Now, you can stay in one place, finish that important call, and stay safe with this device’s help. 

  • Get Rid of Dead Spots

Some areas in a building might have ‘dead spots,’ which are locations that will drop most or all cell service upon entering. Some examples of these areas include basements, stairwells, and fire exits. 

This drop in service tends to happen because of thick building materials or weak communication towers. By installing a cell signal booster, you can eliminate dead spots in these locations. For instance, install a signal booster near the basement, so you can make and receive calls and text messages without needing to step outside. 

  • Longer Battery Life

Your mobile device has similarities to the human body. For example, if you exert more energy to accomplish a task, your overall energy pool might deplete at a faster than average pace. As for mobile devices, these gadgets tend to run out of battery life faster if they need to exert more power to maintain normal efficiency.

With that in mind, your mobile device might run out of battery power quickly if it tries to find a decent service in the area. Hence, using a signal booster may help preserve battery life, allowing you to use your mobile gadget for extended periods. 


Cell signal boosters provide convenience to several users in the area. These devices offer various benefits, such as reducing dead spots, enhancing cell phone battery life, and improving call quality. Still, ensure that you purchase a signal booster from a reputable, FCC-certified brand to enjoy high-quality performance from the gadget. 


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