How to buy an iPhone in America?


Finding someone who will send and receive a parcel literally in different parts of the world has not caused difficulties for a long time. And the delivery of American parcels is no different from the rest. If you want to receive a package from friends and relatives living in America, or buy an iPhone there — there are very reliable instructions and algorithms for you.

US Postal and Courier Services

Of course, the main supplier in the US market is the federal delivery service.

Private companies engaged in delivery and present everywhere in the world enjoy the same, if not greater popularity.

Of course, you understand, both delivery and the ability to receive a parcel are very different in these organizations.

Express delivery is very simple. The courier calls the customer, informs him that the goods will be delivered soon, and transfers the parcel in the following ways:

1. From hand to hand;

2. Just puts it on the doorstep;

3. Uses for this purpose the box in which he leaves the parcel and the key.

If the customer’s address has changed, the customer must notify about it in advance. There are also pickup points where you can pick up the order yourself.

Federal Mail works in a similar way. If a person does not want the order delivered to him, he asks to use the Post Office Box service (subscription box). Then the customer picks up the parcel from the mailbox himself.

Delivery of parcels to other countries

Private express deliveries and federal mail deliver goods within the country without any problems. Shipping abroad will be more difficult, of course. It can be carried out in the following ways.

1) Courier company services

These companies have logistics centers almost everywhere, besides, their own planes for delivery abroad.

The main advantage of these companies is that in a week you can pick up the goods, they work very quickly.

However, they have critical drawbacks. Firstly, the delivery will be very expensive. Secondly, there may be problems with customs. You may need to contact the customs service yourself. And pay the money for the registration, of course.

2) Federal Mail services

You can use the services of the federal post office, then you will receive the parcel at the nearest post office. The advantage of this method is that it will be quite cheap. But there are several disadvantages. Firstly, it will take a long time to wait. Really long. Secondly, no one gives you a guarantee that the goods simply will not be lost during delivery.

3) Use the services of intermediaries

Different situations arise. Maybe you need to send or receive something valuable or insignificant. Or maybe you want to buy an iPhone at the original price, without risking running into a fake, because you order from America? This can cause some difficulties. And where there are difficulties, there are also those who solve such difficulties.

Intermediaries are official firms that solve all the issues themselves that arise if you send something to an addressee living abroad in the United States. The parcel is completely under their responsibility, including even customs control. The quality of their work is due, among other things, to the fact that they have an office in America.

The delivery price depends entirely on the time in which you want to receive the goods. Some things can be insured expensively, because these things themselves are expensive and fragile, may be damaged during delivery.

For ten years, Qwintry has been helping to receive orders from the USA to anywhere in the world, thanks to which they are one of the best intermediary companies in the world.

To use Qwintry services, you need to register. When placing an order, you enter the address that the company gave you. The product is sent there, and from there — right into your hands!

It is easy to use the service both for delivery and receipt of private parcels, and for receiving goods from the US online market. If you want to dive deeper into the topic of shopping in online stores in America, then Qwintry offers you the “Help to Buy” service. Everything works as quickly and simply as possible!


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