How to Calculate Web Development Cost


We often bring quality measurement standards into every corner of our lives, and the same goes for web applications. Technology has become ubiquitous throughout the world, and high-quality web applications are gaining popularity. Because they act as a companion and can help businesses solve some complex problems. If you’re wondering what to do with an idea in your mind to make it happen, what will the service provider do with your idea and how much the perfect service package will cost, this article is for you.

In this article, Saigon Technology, a top web development company in Vietnam, will explore with you the basic concepts of the benefits of web application, to the objective and subjective factors that can directly affect the price, to the details of the development stage of a real web application, so you can easily visualize and condense information with the final reference prices.


What are Web Application Development advantages?. 1

Convenience. 1

Cost saving. 1

The cost of web application development depends on which factors?. 1

Scope of work. 2

UX/UI Design. 2

Deadline. 2

Maintaining Charge. 2

Stages to create your own web application. 3

Forming ideas. 3

Researching and adjusting. 3

Agreeing the requirements from both sides. 3

Design. 3

Wireframe. 3

UI & UX. 3

Prototyping. 3

Web app development process. 4

Quality Control 4

Launching the app. 4

Maintenance. 4

Cost Estimation. 4

But what if your budget is more modest than all the above ranges?. 5

What are Web Application Development advantages?

A web application is a computer program, with the server-client data system stored on a remote server and distributed over the internet via a web browser.

Basically, a web application is an online computer program that can help you perform certain functions, instead of just getting information. Some familiar names for consumers in the field of web applications are Google Docs, Pixlr, Trello or Netflix …

To talk about the benefits of web application, let’s take a look at some of the following highlights:


With the web application, your employees can also work remotely, at home, or anywhere. Similarly, customers can also easily interact with web applications than software                                                                                                            because they can interact and respond immediately to user requests instead of pre-formatted.

And also because of the ability to operate on the web browser, users can easily access – login and use immediately without having to install or upgrade applications frequently.

Cost saving

Web applications run on web browsers. Therefore, no hardware upgrade is required when web applications are developed or updated. This eliminates large capital costs and is therefore a cost-effective option.

The cost of web application development depends on which factors?

Once you understand how important Web Application is to your business, the following are the factors that affect the cost of web application development services:

Scope of work

The first factor that has a strong effect on service costs is the nature of the application. Do you want a simple online business web application, or a web application for both staff and hospitality of a large business enterprise? Is this a standalone or integrated third-party solution (payment system, GPS navigation, etc.)? Various APIs, databases, storage, and mobile compatibility – the more sophisticated a web application is, the longer it will take to develop and thus the higher its cost.

UX/UI Design

If you want an application designed to your own liking, with custom UX / UI, there’s definitely a higher price for web application development services. Depending on its complexity or simplicity, the number of elements, still images, animation … The Designer must be creative and work hard to achieve your requirements. So, consider carefully between the existing template and the self-built web application.


Strict deadlines are often the cause of increased service rates. If your time is limited and requires finished products to be on schedule, our team of engineers must work harder, put more effort and dedication to meet both product quality and demand. time, service fee will certainly be higher.

Web Development Team

Selecting the software development team to undertake the project is also an important issue. Because the price of web application implementation depends on the geographical factors of the developers. Why is that? Not all places on Earth have the same software development service prices.

If you choose to hire personnel for the business? So good, because you will be able to easily meet them throughout the working days to discuss and monitor the work situation. The only downside and the most important one is: Expensive price. To recruit and maintain a professional team is not easy and fast, you need to consider and take care of many things.

Therefore, choosing a software outsourcing team is also a good solution. From here, we have more onshore – nearshore and offshore software outsourcing. Depending on the needs and specific characteristics of the job, you can choose the trust team to work with.

Maintaining Charge

Last but not least, it is maintaining charge. Because building an actual web application is only the beginning of a journey. After this initial step, you’ll need support from the Developers team to maintain, maintain, and update new features.

Stages to create your own web application

After finding a team to undertake the web application development project, to get the desired web application, we need to follow many steps, stages, including 8 overview stages as follows:

Forming ideas

First and foremost, is the step in forming the idea. An application will not be interesting and unique if the stage “ideas” is not focused. At this stage, the owner of the web application will need to think and answer some of the following questions:

– When working with application developers, how exactly are you expected to get results?

– Or are you willing to advertise your services through landing pages?

Researching and adjusting

The next important issue is how to build a web application that is both interesting to consumers and able to overcome its potential rivals. And so, the survey appeared as an indispensable step. In order to listen to customer feedback, thereby understanding the customer’s wishes, you can hire a professional company or do a customer survey yourself.

Agreeing the requirements from both sides

At this stage, the Developers team and the client will sit down to talk, listen and acknowledge the problem one last time before implementing the project. All requests and wishes are exchanged to understand each other better, and at the same time anticipate the difficulties and obstacles so that both sides can anticipate things.



According to Wikipedia ( A website wireframe, also known as a page schematic or screen blueprint, is a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website. We need a wireframe to describe the page layout or content arrangement of the site, including interface elements and navigation systems and how they work together.


UI is the abbreviation for User Interface and UX is User Experience – the two most important factors when building a website. A website can have a very nice UI, very eye-catching but has a bad UI, making users feel confused and difficult to access or experience the site. Typically, these two elements go hand in hand and complement each other, sometimes even together, considering them to be both sub-majors.


At this stage, the Developers will form prototypes and wireframes to help you easily visualize what your product will look like when completed. This is considered a complex process and requires a lot of creativity and meticulousness. Prototyping also affects the cost of building web applications and you should not ignore!

Web app development process

The web application development process consists of frontend and backend programming phases.

Specifically, backend means programming a website and filling the function, while developing Frontend to create a public part of the website where users can interact directly with the business.

See the top 5 backend development technologies:

Quality Control

A quite important stage and also contributing to the success of the web application is Quality Management. At this stage, QA engineers will appear to conduct some trial and error exercises, to ensure your web service is working as you expect.

Launching the app

After all the stages above, it is time to launch and hand over the application to customers. A good application that fully meets the needs of customers, in the fastest and most convenient way. Therefore, in order for the application to enter the market and satisfy customers, we need the help of the most skilled software development engineers.


Although not often thought of as other factors, this is the key factor that decides the ability to operate stably throughout the next period.

Cost Estimation

In terms of price, we suggest the following product ranges:

Simple apps: with basic structure, simple landing pages, serving online stores with not too complicated product chains. It took us about 1 month to complete Simple apps for $ 3,000 – $ 17,000.

Pro level: the level of fun increases, requires high interaction with customers and is professionally designed. They take about 3 months to complete the Pro level at a price of 17,000 – 55,000 USD.

Complex projects: web applications made exclusively for owners, with exclusive designs and perfect UX / UI. With this level, owners can get a stable profit, while automating their business operations. In complex projects, we spend about 6 months working at the price of 55,000 – 80,000 USD.

Corporations: are required to tailor only for businesses of different sizes – large and small. To fully understand the business and company culture, it took us more than 6 months to complete it for more than 100,000 USD.

But what if your budget is more modest than all the above ranges?

Then do not worry, we still give you the last solution called MVP – Minimum viable product. MVP is a version of a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers and provide feedback for future product development. From there, guests can easily save costs and eliminate unnecessary edges.


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