How to Catch Hot Tablet PCs at $3.33 From Gearbest Add-On Program?


Today we find a very interesting shopping guide about how to catch hot products like tablet pcs at $3.33 from Gearbest Add-on Program. Currently only Gearbest adopts this kind promotion program like Amazon, JD, etc. We believe it will be the best way to help you save more money. By the way, this big Add-on Program will start at 4:00 p.m. [GMT+8] Beijing time. Follow us guides below.

Here are some products to participate in Add-on Program

1. Add your favorite products into the cart.

2. Enter or View the shopping cart.

3. Click ‘Check items redeemed’ to join this add-on program.

4. Choose the product you want to redeem.

5. The item(s) in your cart can be purchased now, if you choose Xiaomi WOWStick, you only need to pay extra 20usd to get it instead of original price, $36.69. Therefore, in this add-on plan, you can save 16usd for your total order.

Therefore, have you known how to join this add-on program now? The add-on products will add on this page ,  and if you are also interested Gearbest other nice deals, you can also check Gearbest 3rd Anniversary for saving more.


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