How to choose a payment method in an online casino


In order to make a withdrawal, you will have to choose how you want to get your money. Please follow the instructions in the money earning games section to determine how I would pay you. We will try, if possible, to use your preferred method of payment. However, we reserve the right to pay by the most practical method. This may result in payment by check.

How to Receive Money

After each gaming session, your money will remain in your account the next time you pretend to play. You only have to make a withdrawal every time you want to get your profit, meaning you don’t have to withdraw every time you win.

Steps for you to get your money:

  • In the casino software, select the bank and select Return
  • You will be prompted to select the option you want to receive your payment
  • Your withdrawal request will enter a deferred period (at least 24 hours a day), during which time you can fully modify your income if you wish to make
  • Your withdrawal will be processed on the day of the deferred period

Please note that for security reasons, we may ask you to provide us with the following information to validate your withdrawal:

  • A copy of your driver’s license.
  • A copy of proof of residency.
  • Copy of your credit card (double sided) If you have made deposits using a credit card.

In order to have on the bill:

You may have a cancellation fee for some methods of lifting if you cancel a withdrawal. Please read the terms and conditions when selecting your withdrawal method. A portion of his withdrawal equal to / less than the amount of the original deposit will be paid through the payment method that was used to make the same deposit. Any other amounts that are due to him will be paid to you as you intend.

Live casino and dealer was the exact bet on online gambling houses in the Country. During the history of the casino, some changes have changed the way the game is played. Initially, the games were not seen with good eyes, and the physical gaming houses suffered several sanctions and bans. But fortunately, the games have survived all the difficulties imposed and some countries allow the presence of physical houses that are properly controlled and constantly subjected to inspections to legalize their suitability. Despite that permission, many players who live in places whose legislation prohibits the construction of these establishments would not be able to place their bets because of the shifting difficulties and other issues that eventually make access to physical casinos. But why would you need a physical institution when you can now even play in a mobile casino.

Using certain e-wallets to withdraw money, you may encounter waiting periods of several days. For this reason, it will not be possible, unfortunately, to process a withdrawal during this waiting period, which begins with the last deposit made using these e-wallets. Due to restrictions in some countries, it may not be possible to pay you via Visa or MasterCard. Withdrawals are paid as soon as possible. However, the processing time of your bank may delay the withdrawal. Withdrawals may be subject to wagering processing at the discretion of the casino.


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