How to Connect Xiaomi Mi MAX With Bluetooth Handle to Play Games


Xiaomi mi max is well-known for its 6.44inch large screen size. In addition, It can be the best tool to play games. It’s very fluent to play games in this smartphone. However, in order to improve game experience, we can also use bluetooth handle to connect with Xiaomi Mi max smartphone to play games. Have you tried this kind of experience? How does it work?


First you need to prepare a Xiaomi MI MAX smartphone and a Bluetooth Handle. We think Xiaomi smartphone has the best experience for hand grip.


Then download putaogame app, all of gmaes must download in Putaogame app, or it can be used to play games. Because it has modified the setting of handle about games in Putaogame app. You don’t have to map the software.


First, open bluetooth handle, and start the Putaogame app and then choose the game you have downloaded. Next, press ‘Start’.



Then it will show the handle’s value. Enter into the game, So you can use your bluetooth handle to play games by Xiaomi MI MAX. So are you excited with this kind of practice?


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