How to create a custom ROM with mods with only 3 click! Check the detailed video included!


All Xiaomi users know that every Friday a new dev ROM comes out. But wouldn’t be great to be able to create your own custom ROM, with mods inside it, ready to flash it in your mobile!? I recently felt on a site that gives this ability for free. Sources for the ROMs are from, so you can use it in all languages. So I had to check if everything is ok, before I suggest it to you. And this is what I did! Made a custom ROM for my Xiaomi Mi3 mobile, downloaded and installed through TWRP. Yes, in order to be able to install these custom ROMs, you must have installed TWRP. The whole process is very easy and you can see it at the video at the end of the article.

The whole process as I said is very easy and can be done with 3 click. You go first to this link: MIUI Globe ROM


Choose your mobile from the list found in the page. As you can see it includes all of them. In my case I have chosen the Xiaomi Mi3.


As you can see you can either create the ROM with the default settings or you can change them by pressing the Show Expert Settings. If you choose the second option, you will see that the page below will expand and that is sustained by two parts.


On the upper part you will see the region you are. I live in Greece, so shows Europe. You can choose if you will have root access or not. For root you can choose if the rom will contain SuperSu or Magisk. As for the battery, there are four options to choose (Balanced, Performance, Battery / Powersave and Default / Disabled). Choose according to your needs.


In the second part of the options, as you can see there are several MODs that can be included in your custom ROM. In case you don’t know some of them, don’t worry. Just place the pointer on the mod and you will see by it an explanation of what it does. After you have chosen what MODs you want, press Create ROM. At the new page you will see a download link, in order to download your ROM to your PC or mobile.


After the download has finished, you enter in recovery and from there you install the new ROM. The ROM includes a script that does all the job by itself, so don’t worry. After installing the ROM and booting up, you will have a ready mobile to use. The good thing is that you can download updates by OTA, so if you didn’t have this option by now, now you will have it. I’m already using the ROM several days, I haven;t found any problems, so I suggest to use it and for yourself.

For further details you can always check the video following, to see how the whole procedure is done.

We are waiting for your comments on the ROM and how easily you installed it.


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