How to determine if a phone is compatible with the network frequency of your country before buying.


Phones operate on many different frequencies all over the world.  Even in the same country Frequencies will be different because of the amount of carriers in that country. Most phones purchased online come unlocked, which has the benefit of the owner being able to choose which carrier they prefer.

Prior to buying a phone online it is wise to check if your country’s frequencies are able to match your new phone. There are few ways to check if your phone is compatible. Below are two ways you can match your country and your carrier, so you can enjoy your new phone and use it to its full potential.

Method 1.

(1) Prior to making your order visit this website

(2) Here you will see a drop down menu that contains your phones brand. After selecting the brand click on the model and select the model of phone you are looking for.


(3) Some Model of Smartphone have different sub models. There is a drop down menu that contains any sub models of the phone you are looking at buying. If the sub model menu appears, make a selection from the drop down menu.


4) Then you can select the country where you intend to use the phone. As an example we have chosen Australia.


(5) After selecting your country a drop down menu will appear containing all the carriers of that Country..


(6) After selecting your chosen carrier Click “Search”. The resulting search will show you all available networks for that carrier. The great thing is, that this site will show you if your prospective phone is compatible with the carriers 2G,3G,4G networks. The search results will also show you the all the network bands. It will even assist you in interpreting the search results so you are able to use this a great reference point.


Method 2.

Sometimes the search doesn’t provide any results, if that is the case you can try this method to check for your smartphone.

  • In most cases the network frequencies should appear on the smartphones product page.

The image below illustrates where and what it may look like


Take a look at the frequencies listed on this page to confirm they are supported in your country. Next you should confirm if your country supports the network frequencies listed by visiting this website

On this site you will see a search box at the top

  • A list of carriers will appear in a drop down menu, make your selection from this list of carriers.This will display the carriers network coverage and network information.
  • In the first field just Type in your country then select your carrier in the second field.


  • Apart from these steps shown above you can directly visit this website:
  • Make a selection of the listed countries, all carriers of your country will appear and it also shows the frequencies those carriers operate on. It will show all the network frequencies which are supported by different carriers in your country101112
  •   Now you can directly make a comparison of the networks that are listed on your phones product page to those frequencies in your country to see if you can go ahead and order that brand new phone.The two methods we have shown you above may help you take the guess work out of buying your new phone. If you are still in doubt or cant find the answers in the websites above, make sure you contact your carrier. They will give you any further information you require. Thanks for reading and we hope this helps.

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