How to Fix Heating Issues on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3


Although Xiaomi has released many models in redmi series, for most users, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is a classic and popular smartphone, we believe some users have bought this one for daily communication. But after using for some time, we may find some issues about Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, one of the biggest problem is heating issue. So how to fix this kind of problem? Today we will introduce five ways to solve the heating issue about Redmi Note 3.


The following are few ways to fix heating problem on Redmi Note 3 devices

Kill the apps running in the background

Sometimes the apps running in the background are responsible for more of the issues in an Android smartphones and the users don’t notice it at all. From the homescreen, tap corner left button to see what all apps are running in background and then closely all at a time by pressing on X button. This could not be the reason for every users for sometimes it surely be handy for some users.

Disable all the connectivity if not in use

Another top reasons behind heating-up the device is the various connectivity options enabled even not in use. Check the difference by turning-off WiFi, GPS and data network connectivity when not using it.

Using a common power adapter

Using a different charger apart from the original one will be the reason for unnecessary heating to the battery of the phone. The wattage differs from one company charger to another. So, always use original charger that comes along with Redmi Note 3 for charging the device. This has solved the problems for most of the users.

Avoid playing games or watching video while charging

Not only Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, any Android smartphone gets heated up when users play games or watch video while it is connected to the charging dock. Always use the device after the device is completely charged.

Disable bloatware apps

Bloatware apps are the pre-installed applications in every smartphone. Users doesn’t have the option to remove these apps from the device. The only way to uninstall bloatware apps is by rooting the device. Though Redmi Note 3 have only few of them, it is advisable to disable from Application Settings.

Apart from the above ways, try using a third party app named Cooler Master – Phone Cooler to control the heat. This app is responsible for killing the various tasks which is running without our prior notice and makes the device heat. Also make sure the Redmi note 3 is on latest MIUI


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