How to Get free stuff on Gearbest


Gearbest have launch a “Get it Free” program, which encourages shoppers to share Gearbest products through their social media pages (eg. Facebook, Twitter, google+ and Pinterest). For each person that signs up and buys product that Gearbest will give the sharer that same product free.

02Share & Get It Free >> My Share >>

  • Find the “Get It Free” program

Login the Gearbest account. Find the “My share” in the Account Center.

-Click the “Check out” Button, you could find the introduction of “Get it free” Program.


-Click the “Get it free” Button, You could find the Get it free product page.


  • Find the product you want to get on the “Get it free” product page.

-Click the Get it free” Button,


-Share the copy link or share product to social media.

     *Invite your friends to register via your link and complete first order on Gearbest


  • Find out the products that you already shared.

-Click the “My share” in the Account Center

-You could find how many Qualified Orders you already finished.

-And you will get the Product Coupon when you have enough Qualified Orders


Special NOTE:

*A nominal $0.01 handling fee is charged if your order ONLY contains the FREE product; the fee is waived if your order contains other items.

*Qualified Orders:

-Invite friends to register via your link and complete first time order

-The first time purchase must have an order value equal or greater that your shared product.

-If orders have been refunded, it will not be regarded as your qualified orders.

*Different price product will request different orders:

GET IT FREE Product Price Orders Required
$0.01 – $3.00 Need 1 paid order
$3.01 – $10.00 Need 2 paid orders
$10.01 – $20.00 Need 3 paid orders

*Join our “Get It Free” Facebook group, and get the news update.


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