How to Market Apps?


With 5.1 billion mobile device users worldwide, the mobile app market is an exciting industry to operate in. However, as the number of smartphone owners continues to rise at a neck-breaking speed, so does the number of apps available across the most popular app stores. So, the competition will be tough when you finally get out there and start offering your product.

Developing a great application is essential, but that is just the beginning. If you do not know how to get users on your app, your product will fail to get the praise it deserves, even if it is the best one in the market. An efficient promotion strategy for mobile apps is what you really need to get to the top. And that’s where mobile app marketing with its various market intelligence tools comes into play.

What Is Mobile App Marketing?

The best way to promote apps is through mobile app marketing. But before you begin to study the most successful campaigns looking for excellent marketing ideas for apps, let us quickly define the term.

So, mobile app marketing is a set of digital tactics and techniques geared toward attracting, engaging, and retaining app users. It is all about interacting with the user during all stages of their customer journey and ensuring their experience with your product is enjoyable.

How to Market an App Successfully?

The success of your application is down to 2 things:

  • It has to be a good app.
  • It must be introduced to the end user right. 

Assuming you have taken care of the first, the other should not be too difficult to accomplish. All you need is a workable app promotion strategy that you can either create yourself or delegate to professionals who know how to use mobile marketing tools and ASO intelligence to achieve fantastic results.

What Are the Best App Marketing Strategies?

Whether you design apps to promote business or specialize in healthy lifestyle & fitness, an effective app marketing strategy will guarantee your product reaches its target audience and makes an impression. Below are a few tips for creating a well-performing marketing strategy.

Get started with mobile app marketing research

A thorough mobile app marketing research will help you understand your customers’ needs, discover new business opportunities, analyze your competition, and invent a marketing strategy that will let your product shine.

Continue with App Store optimization

Investing in ASO from Asolytics is crucial as it lets you connect meaningfully to the user while looking for an app to download. Collecting app reviews from active users and researching your competitors’ strategies should help optimize your presence across leading app stores and boost your search rankings.

Leverage social media marketing, landing pages, and blog to reach the audience faster

As you are only getting to be known, every channel that lets you reach your target users counts. Stay active on social media, feeding your followers exciting content about your product. Create powerful landing pages conveying the key message of your app. Start a blog to speak on topics your audience can relate to.

Do not forget about retention campaigns & email marketing

Email remains a popular and effective way to increase customer retention and successfully run mobile app marketing campaigns. A good email marketing campaign can be anything from simple thank-you emails and review requests to emails containing product updates to re-engage the user and incentive emails offering discounts and coupons.

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