How to Use Xiaomi Recorder as MIUI New Function to Remind Your Beautiful Memory


Do you want to know how boring you are every day? How many times do you unlock the phone? Right now MIUI developer version adds a new function, which can record the times you unlock the phone. In MIUI 8.2 OS developer version‘My Xiaomi’, it adds a new recorder function, which is full of magic and amazing. Let’s know how to use Xiaomi recorder to remind your past beautiful memory.

The place of the recorder is very hidden, Open ‘My Xiaomi’> Click ‘Xiaomi VIP’> Click ‘More’ > Click ‘Recorder’.

In recorder, first you can see duration that you register Xiaomi account, after clicking, besides the exact registering time, it can tell you which model you have first registered, the date of registering, the device that the longest time you log in, how many days you log in that device, how many devices you log in. So these data have reminded your beautiful memory?

In addition, it has provided screen unlocking times, for those users. You may see different kinds of three digital numbers, so that you must be surprised this device so dependently.

At last, you can see the pedometer every day about yourself.

In ‘Xiaomi VIP‘, these kinds of data will make you remind of your beautiful past, and learn more about your smartphone, you will see more and find different oneself according to data.


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