HQCAM 2-Megapixel, 180 Degree Panoramic Wide Angle Fisheye IP camera For just $48.95 at @LightIntheBox


HQCAM 2-megapixel Fisheye IP camera can capture streaming video at high definition resolutions of up to 1920 x 1080. The camera supports different display modes including overview, panoramic mode, quad as well as dual and panoramic and is ideal for any size retail environment. The Fisheye lens allows for 180° panoramic view surround view without any blind spots. Additionally, the HQCAM 2-megapixel Fisheye IP camera utilizes eight advanced IVA features including, Missing and Suspicious object detection and Cross Line Detection.

Local de-warping offers retrospective viewing, which enables the user to go back in time to view the total scene in its original form and then pan, tilt, and/or zoom within the 180-degree image as desired. By bundling the de-warp software with the camera, this allows users to save money by not having to purchase additional software.

The HQCAM 2-megapixel Fisheye IP camera stream can be de-warped into 4 separate streams, effectively performing the role of four separate cameras. This gives users a variety of options regarding camera angles and ensures that all areas are covered by just using one camera.

The HQCAM 2-megapixel Fisheye IP camera is equipped with a wide-range of IVA features which are designed to optimize bandwidth/storage management as well as alarm efficiency. IVA Features include Region of Interest, Smart Stream, Event Booster, Cross Line Detection, Missing and Suspicious Object and Tampering Detection. The result is a complete solution, helping you improve efficiency and save money.

The large 2-Megapixel lens ensures that all video can be captured in great detail. This excellent quality camera lens supplements the 25fps output giving users a range of options regarding the images they capture.

By offering up to 25fps real time at a 3M output, any video recording will be smooth and lag-free. This ensures that any incidences you record will provide you with clear lag-free video quality. We can buy HQCAM 2-megapixel Fisheye IP camera from LightIntheBox at $48.95 in Flash sale


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