HR SH6HW Selfie Drone Foldable RC Quadcopter Price is in Range For All, Review by @RCMOMENT (Coupon Inside)


The HR SH6HW Selfie Drone Foldable RC Quadcopter is exactly that. A much more affordable, pocket selfie drone for beginners or anybody with interest in these types of drones.HR SH6HW Selfie Drone Foldable RC Quadcopter is venturing into selfie drone with its ELFIE foldable drone, the HR SH6HW Selfie Drone Foldable RC Quadcopter is one of the most popular portable drones, this selfie drone, has an amazing flying features and selfie modes.six axis gyroscope enables the drone to keep the balance and stability during the flight.


Travel with your pocket drone portable, small and light, just like a with your pocket drone extremely light and convenient for taking selfies.easy to carry, palm-sized, the technology of folding crankshafts, you can pack the drone easily and play with it whenever you go.with the concise and aesthetic design and the advanced technology of foldable aerofoil, the drone becomes lighter and easy to be carried along.HR SH6HW Selfie Drone Foldable RC Quadcopter has measure (folded): 14.5 * 5.7 * 3.3cm / 1.3 * 8cm * 3.14in and (unfolded): 19.5cm/7.67in * 22.5/8.85in.


Innovative folding arms for each of storage and transport.built-in HD camera lets players record FPV videos, take aerials pictures, and even take selfies. wifi phone control, real-time image transmission to the phone screen.with the attractive headless model, completely solving the pilot loss of orientation problem. 3D flips with amazing agility provide a stunt aerial press automatic return ensure that you can call back your quadcopter without any delay.the G-sensor mode enables the small quadcopter to automatically follow the way you move your smartphones.Altitude hold mode allows for practical steady hovering at a certain height.This little one is able to do tricks and stay so wide! At first, you may seem a bit confused but you are accustomed to piloting drones with the phone.It is never the same as with the command, but the truth that in HR SH6HW Selfie Drone Foldable RC Quadcopter has done a great job with the software developed for the control of stunts in this pocket drone.the HR SH6HW Selfie Drone Foldable RC Quadcopter model has a headless mode, one key return plus a G-sensor mode that automatically follow the way you move your smartphone. It also has one key take off, 3d rollover and basic flying options.

HR SH6HW Selfie Drone Foldable RC Quadcopter also won’t perform well outdoors on windy days. Both little quads will be able to do what they were designed to do take selfies. If you like the stying, the gearless motors, and the thin design of the latest HR SH6HW Selfie Drone Foldable RC Quadcopter.


A camera constantly compares the current image of the ground to the previous one, every 16 milliseconds, to calculate the speed. The camera can also take Standard VGA photos of the ground or the landscape while in a horizontal position.An ultrasound sensor captures the flight altitude up to 20ft, and at higher altitude, a pressure sensor helps to control the Swing.

Control With Smartphone

With SmartphoneFreeFlight Mini’s easy-to-use interface makes piloting simple, even for beginner pilots. The app connects to your HR SH6HW Selfie Drone Foldable RC Quadcopter via Bluetooth Low Energy.Once connected, select your preferred piloting method and take-off. You can pilot using virtual joysticks in Joypad mode (default setting), or by tilting your smartphone/tablet in the direction you want your drone to go in Accelerometer Mode.


Collapsible quadcopter. Very small as well as portable in its own folded up condition, Height grip, one essential return, as well as headless setting, Among minority WiFi fliers that I could successfully flight in this particular way. Great for FPV electronic camera purposes, Standard VGA electronic camera produces a very pleasant video clip. Cam includes swivel lens that can be underlined to confess the perspective to full down, Really good trip opportunity at regarding 6 1/2 moments, Is actually managed by means of your mobile phone via its Android app, 3D foldable arm and wonderful design, small dimension, easy to raise, With altitude hold mode function gives strong flight, wifi function can be linked APP, APK system to take photos, video, real-time transmission during the phone digital camera picture, 0.3MP Standard VGA perspective digital camera capture photos and be listing wonderful moments, With Headless Mode, no need to regulate the place of plane earlier than flying, One key return feature makes it easy to discover the way domestic, 2.4GHz Know-how Adopted for Anti-Interference, 4 Channel which can do ascend, descend, forward, backward, left sideward fly, 6-axis gyro that may have extra strong flying and be effortless to manage, It has 3-level flight pace to swap that could make more enjoyable with the flying,the quadcopter fuselage is made of excessive power and resistant engineering plastics, lightweight and long-lasting resistance.The aerial photography mode can make your photos and videos more beautiful and amazing!With attractive headless mode, completely solving pilot loss-of-orientation problem.

Inside the Box Asseseries List:

1 * Quadcopter(with 0.3MP camera)
1 * 3.7V 600mAh Li-Po battery(built-in)
1 * Remote controller
1 * USB Charger
1 * Screwdriver
1 * Pair of propellers
1 * English Manual


HR SH6HW Selfie Drone Foldable RC Quadcopter Has 3.7V 600mAh Li-Po battery(built-in) and external support 4 * AAA batteries(Not included) with will take you above than 10Mins flight time and with external than more, and the big advantage of this drone is you can fly you drone up to 100m to enjoy more, HR SH6HW Selfie Drone Foldable RC Quadcopter is Available on RCMOMENT in just $45.99 but we have a bit discount coupon: SH6HW, for special customers after than use to coupon code price will down at $42.79, (Use a Coupon and 120 points to enjoy that).


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