HTC Blockchain Smartphone Exodus Will Be Released Soon: Open Pre-Sale in October


This year marks the 10th anniversary of the birth of the Android phone. On September 23, 2008, HTC released the world’s first Android-powered smartphone HTC Dream (the name of T-Mobile G1 in North America and Europe).

Nowadays, Android phones have been around for ten years. The old Android giant and the world’s first Android phone manufacturer HTC have become the most regrettable brands. After the frustration of the mobile phone market, HTC turned its attention to blockchain technology. September 26 news, according to media reports, HTC 5 May this year announced the upcoming blockchain phone Exodus and consumers meet.

Chen Xinsheng, head of HTC’s blockchain, announced that HTC’s first blockchain mobile phone Exodus will be pre-sold in October and officially launched before the end of the year.

According to reports, HTC Exodus integrates blockchain and decentralization technology into mobile phones. With Social Key Recovery, users can distribute keys to several trusted friends and relatives, if the mobile phone If you lose, you don’t have to worry about the loss of your assets.

Chen Xinsheng said that the HTC blockchain mobile phone Exodus will be launched in Taiwan, the United States, and other regions, and the price is expected to be announced at the end of October.

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At present, the official price information of the phone has not been disclosed. It is said that the price will reach 1,000 US dollars.


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