Huami Releases Amazfit AI Smartband at 699 yuan, $100 Today


Today Xiaomi eco line, Huami technology has officially released its first AI Smartband,  Huami AMAZFIT smartband. According to data, those users over 30 years old are easy to get disease of angiocardiopathy due to work pressure, stay-up, smoking, lack of exercise, etc. So AMAZFIT smartband is built in ECG chipset, which can monitor the cardiovascular health state, recognizing electrocardio ID.

Different from common smartband, besides measuring cardiac bioelectricity signal, it can also measure heart rate HRV, which can reflect your own neural for the control of heart.

AMAZFIT smartband is built in three axis acceleration sensor and PPG photosensor, which can measure the heart rate data in 24 hours continuously. It can monitor times and time of your sleep rule, sleep duration, dark sleep ratio, etc to reflect your sleep quality.

AMAZFIT smartband has also put forward the cardiovascular health index, thanks to ECG+PPG dual OS. And it adopts medical-level product standard to produce, which is suitable for your skin from the wrist, and it has 316L stainless electrode plate. By connecting its APP, it can provide specific exercise plan. As for price, AMAZFIT smartband sells at 699 yuan, $100, which will start to sell on April 26.

Update: Gearbest starts to sell AMAZFIT Smartband, you can use the coupon code: GB9% to enjoy lower price.


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