Huawei AI full-Color Camera Launches Dual-Band Version


Huawei Mall launched a dual-band version of the Huawei AI Full-Color Camera with the first release price of 229 yuan, which is only 15 yuan more than the old model.

Compared with the old model which only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, the new model adds a 5GHz Wi-Fi connection function, making the video housekeeping smoother.

The AI ​​full-color camera dual-band version of Little Dolphin supports 2K resolution video (2304×1296), and the camera aperture is F/2.0. The gimbal can rotate 360° horizontally and adjust 110° vertically, and it can automatically track human bodies and pets through AI.

The camera has a low-light full-color function and will output color video images even at night. The low-light full-color picture needs to be realized under certain light conditions, and it will automatically jump to a black and white night vision picture when the light is insufficient.

It is worth mentioning that the dual-band version of the Huawei AI Full-Color Camera headed by Xiao Dolphin can be connected to Huawei’s HiLink smart home platform. It also supports linkage with Huawei’s smart selection smart door lock. When the director returns home, the camera will automatically turn off to protect privacy; the camera will automatically be turned off after leaving home. Turn on.

Thanks to the distributed nature of Harmony OS, the dual-band version of the AI ​​full-color camera headed by Xiao Dolphin can share real-time images captured by the camera during a smooth connection.

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