Huawei AP20Q 20000mAh Power Bank Officially Releases at 299 yuan, $50


Recently, Huawei frequently cooperates with power bank to release a new product, such as 10000mAh power bank, 22.5W quick charge, which is the best match for Huawei Mate 9 series, P10 series, but it wasn’t listed on the website, so we don’t know its price, either. Today, Huawei also releases a 20000mAh power bank, AP20Q, which is first time for Huawei, adopting imported 18650mAh battery chipset.

It can be regarded to the upgraded version of AP09Q 10000mAh double quick charge, similar design, made of plastic material, only available for black color, it has 150×79×22.5mm, 374g weight, as for interface, it has one USB Type C, two USB Type A, it supports 9V/2A/18W quick charge,compatible with Hisilicon and other popular quick charge agreement, and it can also support 5V/2A, 5V/1A for common quick charge, both can charge  for devices, like smartband, smartwatch, bluetooth earphone, and other little devices.

There is a touch switch button on the side, three white LED, one dual-tone power notification, the quick charge state shows green, the common charge shows white color. The safety protection also has many levels, over-heated, over charge, over voltage, undervoltage, over current, double short circuit, electrostatic, the electromagnetic field, drop, vibrate, impact, collide, high and low temperature, alternating hot and humid, etc.

Huawei 20,000mAh power bank starts to sell on Huawei official, JD, Tmall, etc at 299 yuan, $50, will you choose this new powerful power bank as your best charger of Huawei phone?



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