Huawei Band 7 Smartband Best Fintness Tracker at $41.99


With the rapid popularization of smart wearable devices, people’s requirements for wrist products are getting higher and higher. It must not only meet our intelligent interaction needs, but also its appearance and wearing experience must be “satisfactory”, and the price is even more. It has to be “close to the people”, and “just right”, Huawei Band 7 Smartwrist is such a product. Let’s check it out!

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Huawei’s design goal of “extreme aesthetics on the wrist”, through the ultimate compression of the space structure and the application of reinforced polymer fiber lightweight materials, so that the thickness of Huawei’s full-screen wristband has reached within 10mm for the first time, making a thickness of only 10mm. The 9.99mm full-screen smart bracelet with a weight of only 16g was born from this. Since the launch of the smart bracelet, it has experienced the evolution from no screen, to black and white screen, and then to touch color screen. Just as the evolution of the screen of mobile phones is to bring users a more convenient control and use experience, so is the bracelet. The thin and light “small body” of Huawei Band 7 absorbs the excellent technical accumulation of the past, making it a step further.

In addition to the obsidian black color scheme, Huawei Band 7 also has 3 different styles of color matching: nebula powder, wild green and flame red. It is matched with an reinforced polymer fiber shell and a detachable strap design with a fine metal texture treatment. The texture is excellent at the same time. Also added more personalized options.


The upgrade of the screen represents Huawei’s insight and solution to users’ pain points. The new generation of Huawei Band 7 uses a 1.47-inch AMOLED dazzling large screen, with a screen ratio of up to 64.88% and an ultra-narrow bezel design, making it closer to the size and experience of a smart watch; 194 x 368 resolution and The 2.5D high-quality curved glass screen also brings me a better overall visual effect. The newly added AOD screen display function and touch bright screen function make me have an excellent experience as if I am using a Huawei phone.


Today, most smart bracelets on the market can only be used as a simple sensor to simply record information such as steps and sleep. It must be paired with other devices with a screen to view data information. The functions are simple and the interactive experience is poor. The HUAWEI Band 7 has more scientific and professional sports and health monitoring functions, and with Huawei’s powerful distributed terminal capabilities, the experience of the bracelet is more complete and more functional.


Huawei Band 7 provides 96 sports modes such as running, cycling, swimming, rope skipping, roller skating, etc., including the current mainstream and common sports, and also supports a new large-screen linkage function. The smart screen has distributed cross-screen smart interaction capabilities, which can be linked with other smart wearable devices, and can also synchronize motion data to the smart screen in real time to realize multi-device interconnection. Huawei Band 7 has strengthened the professional sports monitoring function. Through the self-developed TruSport™ sports algorithm, it can measure each training index of runners from a scientific and quantitative perspective, and provide professional sports evaluation and suggestions to help users understand their own status.


In terms of sleep monitoring, Huawei Band 7 is equipped with HUAWEI TruSleep™ 2.0 sleep monitoring technology, which can perform sleep monitoring without disturbing the user’s sleep, and can accurately identify difficulty falling asleep, light sleep, easy waking at night, early waking, excessive dreams, Six types of typical sleep problems, including irregular work and rest, guide users to sleep in a scientific and healthy way.


In terms of battery life, Huawei Band 7 can have a battery life of up to 14 days in typical scenarios, ensuring that users can wear it for a long time and use it continuously. Even when sleeping, it can continue to monitor various indicators of the body. health escort.

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Verdict & Buy

In general, Huawei Band 7 has both appearance and function, making the large-screen smart bracelet into the ultimate wrist aesthetics, scientific and professional sports health monitoring and smart screen linkage, etc., bringing rich and convenient functions. Smart experience, 14-day long battery life to protect our health at any time, truly taking into account the advantages of wristbands and watches, solving the tangle of “buying a watch or a wristband”, giving consumers a brand new choice. Huawei Band 7 Smartband is now available on AliExpress one of the largest e-commerce store selling at Just $41.99 on sale till 29th july. Click the following button for order now:

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