Huawei CEO Confirms Huawei P10/P10 Plus Will Come Out at MWC2017


Previously, Huawei has posted on its official Twitter to claim that they will release Huawei P10 smartphone at MWC 2017. Recently there is much news about Huawei flagship. Last week we had reported Huawei P10 Plus specs and price. According to latest news, Huawei P10 Plus will have RAM 8GB, selling at 5,500 yuan. But Huawei official has not confirmed Huawei P10 Plus existence.

Today Huawei CEO, Yu Chendong releases the teaser video about Huawei P10 series at MWC 2017. At the end of this video, it shows Huawei P10 and Huawei P10 Plus logo, now we can confirm that Huawei P10 Plus exists, and it will appear with Huawei P10 at MWC together.

It’s said that Huawei P10 Plus will use 5.5 inch 1080P screen, possibly dual curved screen, it will be powered by Kirin 960 processor, RAM 8GB, using dual Leica camera with 12MP and 20MP back ones. And it has fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone.

The new Huawei P10 series will have younger and fashion design, it will have golden,green and blue color. In addition, Huawei P10 series price will be higher than Huawei P9, similar to Samsung Galaxy S8.


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