Huawei Folding Concept Phone: Outer Folding, Kirin 990, 5G Chip Looks Better Than Samsung Galaxy Fold


Huawei’s mobile phone is very clear in today’s market. Huawei is the first company to release its domestic 5G mobile phone. Its popularity is definitely very high. The previous Huawei mate X is not only a 5G mobile phone but also a folding phone. Whether it is a folding mobile phone or a 5G mobile phone, the popularity in the market is very high. Have you seen Huawei mate X think that mate X is amazing enough? Recently, foreign media exposed a Huawei folding concept phone. According to the renderings and parameters of the exposure, this concept phone has surpassed mate X in many aspects. It is better than Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. Then we will Let’s take a look at this new Huawei Folding Concept Phone.

According to the design of the exposure, the Huawei folding concept phone adopts an external folding design. When folded, the screen size is 6 inches. The screen size is 9 inches when the screen is unfolded. The screen is BOE’s AMOLED screen, the screen supports eye protection mode, can better protect, the screen achieved by the screen when the screen is very high, can bring us the ultimate experience in the movie or game, in the case of folding The resolution is 1440×2960 pixels, expanded to 1440×2560 pixels, the color value is 16 million, the color saturation is 103.8% TNSC, the screen quality is very clear, the screen ratio is 94.6%, the screen pixel density is 560ppi .

From the current mobile phone market, the front-mounted single-camera mobile phone occupies the majority, and the dual-camera mobile phone also has a small number of mobile phones. The front-mounted three-shot and four-shot mobile phones do not exist in the market today, according to the exposure. The renderings show that the concept Phone is four-shot on the front, and the four cameras are designed in a folded frame, arranged in a vertical arrangement. The front four-shot phone is believed to be enough to be shocked. Many people’s eyes! The front of this concept phone is 40MP + 16MP  + 20MP + 12 Megapixels, and the large aperture is the intelligent aperture of F/1.7, F/2.1, F/2.0, F/2.2, equipped with AI smart beauty. , AI studio lighting effects and other technologies.

According to the rendering, this new Huawei Folding concept phone is also a four-shot method on the rear. If you look closely, we will find that the front camera of the phone is the rear camera of the phone. The unique and exquisite design is definitely Will be liked by countless people, in your opinion, how is the camera design of the aircraft? In fact, this new Huawei concept phone is similar to the previous Huawei mate X, but it will be different in function. According to the data, the phone will be equipped with a stylus, so that the phone can be a flat, hand-written tablet in the unfolded situation. Perhaps this is the meaning of folding the phone, allowing the phone and tablet to switch freely.

According to the parameters, this concept phone equipped with the sixth-generation screen fingerprint on the unlock. The sixth-generation fingerprint is the most advanced generation of fingerprints today. It is very fast at unlocking speed, and it only needs to be unlocked in an instant. The aircraft is also equipped with 3D structured light technology developed by Huawei itself, and the safety index of mobile phones can be improved. This concept phone uses Corning’s sixth-generation Gorilla Glass on the fuselage material. The sixth-generation glass is Corning’s current best glass. It is excellent in abrasion resistance and resistance, and can better protect the body. The frame is made of all-metal material, and the metal material can better enhance the body value of the body, and the hand feel is very comfortable.

According to the data, this concept phone is equipped with a 5000 mA non-removable battery inside the fuselage. The battery uses a graphene battery. It is equipped with a 40W super fast charge and supports 27W wireless charging technology. Excellent in the ability to endurance. This concept phone cancels the 3.5mm headphone jack, the overall body is more integrated, it is very good in dustproof, reaching the level of IP68, can support underwater recording, shooting, etc. It is more convenient and quick to use wireless headphones. The sounder is under the camera, and the call quality can be better guaranteed. The overall body is very perfect in the details processing.

According to the data, this Huawei concept phone is equipped with the Kirin 990 processor developed by Huawei on the processor. The overall performance of the 990 will definitely be improved. The specific improvement is still unknown. At the same time, the phone is still unknown. It is also equipped with Huawei’s own Baron 5G chip, which supports the operation of the 5G network. 5G network is a hot topic in today’s market. The heat of this phone is definitely not low, and it is based on the system. The EMUI9.0 system developed by Android 9.0 has a running memory of 10GB/12GB and a storage memory of 128GB/512GB.

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The above content is the entire content of this Huawei Folding Concept Phone. In your opinion, who is stronger than this mate X? Both of them are designed with an outer fold. On the processor, this concept phone is undoubtedly much stronger. Of course, this phone looks much better than the Samsung Galaxy Fold. I don’t know if you think it is. If the phone is released, do you think it will be as expensive as the previous Huawei mate X?

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