Huawei G9 Plus Will Release Tomorrow with Dual Cameras, Large Battery


Huawei has shown the official poster about a new model, Huawei G9 Plus and claims it will be released tomorrow, August 18. It boasts Huawei G9 Plus will come with dual camera, large battery, and video recording such as 4K, it will support fingerprint ID, NFC function.


We have reported much news about Huawei new model, most users guess it will be Huawei Mate s2 or Huawei Mate 9. It seems the new flagship smartphone will be Huawei G9 Plus according to the previous images leaked. Because it has large design and fingerprint scanner, too. The more important feature is it has dual rear camera design as the previous image reported.


Huawei G9 Plus will change the definition of mid-range smartphones, it will define the new standard for the users whether in design or performance. According to the poster, we can see Huawei G9 Plus will be the nice flagship smartphone, although we have no idea about its processor, but its 5.5inch large screen, large battery ,dual camera, 3D unlocking and other features will make Huawei G9 Plus to compete others. So let’s check what Huawei G9 Plus tomorrow.


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