Huawei has a New Patent Exposure: New Smart Screen Products


Today, some of the new smart screen patents that Huawei applied for in April this year were exposed by the Domestic microblog digital blogger @Digital Crazy. Although it is called smart screen series, this product is more like a smart speaker. Just like the smart speaker we know, this speaker has many smart home features, it can play video and audio content at the same time, and has a touch screen.

As can be seen from the picture, this product adopts the design of cube, the upper part is the screen that can be touched, and the lower part is the mesh speaker. A circular knob is set on the front, the top part is also equipped with a camera, and the back of this device also has a handle, which may be a product that can be carried outdoors. I believe you are already familiar with the touch-screen smart speaker. In addition to having more interactive ways, it has the function of home control terminal and has a camera that enables it to make video calls. These features are more similar to huawei smart screen.

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Huawei for the layout of the IoT has a long history, through multiple screen huawei has been trying to direction, a touch before huawei preach, parallel world let us see the phones and tablets, laptops and even cars and TV screens more linkage effect of implementation of place, believing the future intelligent speakers or intelligent touch-screen sound will become its part of the chain, because Huawei speaker is more suitable for use in the home as a family center, it may be the product in the future which will be an integral member of your home.


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