Huawei Has Applied a Patent For An Off-Screen Camera


Last year on 18th March, Huawei applied for a patent titled “Structure, Camera Module and Terminal Equipment for Hidden Front Camera” which was published on 14 April 2020.

The patent abstract states that the utility model provides a structure to concealing a front camera, a camera module, and a terminal device. The structure includes a light guide plate that is located between the front camera and the cover glass. The projection of the light guide plate in the direction perpendicular to the display screen covers the projection of the notch in the direction perpendicular to the display screen.

Huawei Off-Screen Camera Patent

In addition, it also includes one or more color light sources located on the side of the light guide plate, Used to emit light of specified color to the side of the light guide plate under the control of the processor; the light guide plate is also used to change the propagation direction of the light of the specified color to be perpendicular to the display screen Direction so that the light guide plate displays the specified color.

Through the cooperation of the provided light guide plate and the color light source, the light emitted by the color light source is refracted and emitted into the gap blocked by the light guide plate, thereby blocking the gap and improving the display effect of the terminal device.

From the above description, this patent should be a solution for an under-screen camera.

Recently, Oneplus employee said that there will be manufacturers launching products under the screen this year. But based on the quality requirements of the current flagship machine, it is still uncertain whether the manufacturer will use it on the flagship product.

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