Huawei Honor 11 Concept Exposure: Front and Rear Both Cameras Have Flash With Kirin 975 Processor


Welcome to all smart-phone users to know about the high budget mobile Huawei Honor 11 in this article. The Chinese telecommunication company Huawei is the most popular and one of the largest smartphone brands in the world. a large number of users in the world use Huawei smart-phone brands. All time they have provided to their valuable customers to know about their high budget and high-quality smart-phone.

A few days ago they have come to their new mobile phone name is Honor 10. Its continuation they have come to their others new mobile phone name is Honor 11. Today a foreign media released a set of conceptual designs on Honor 11, in this set of conceptual designs, it uses a front and rear both side flash design. so if you would like to know about Honor eleven with the concept, simply read this full content.

This Huawei Honor 11 is also used in a full-screen design approach, although this Honor 11 to retain the top and bottom borders of a large space, allegedly using a 5.8-inch screen, accounting for 75% of the screen with 2K resolution.

Huawei Honor 11 front camera is used an only single 21MP lens that supports soft self-porting while supporting 1440P video capture.

As you can see in concept Huawei Honor 11 upper and lower portions designed with a 3.5mm headphone jack, a USB interface, as well as a bottom, designed speaker portion. At the same time, this Honor 11 didn’t design the front entity keys.

This Huawei Honor 11 fuselage made from glass is claimed to be designed, and it’ll update the wireless charging module, but the looks remain using the 3-stage design. because the flagship, mobile phone necessary wireless technology, in the follow-up of Huawei’s mid-range models will gradually be equipped with terribly competitive.

Huawei Honor 11 rear camera uses a dual lens design, these dual rear camera lens design is claimed to be the equivalent support 8X optical zoom lens effective 34MP, while supporting 4K video recording, PDAF phase focus.

This Honor 11 will use alleged Kirin 975 processor, 8GB of ram memory and 128GB internal storage, it means Honor 11 performance is extremely powerful and the fingerprint recognition module is designed on the rear of the fuselage.

It is just a rumors about this smart-phone because main authority couldn’t publish any announcements about this mobile. but we know Honor 10 released in last November 2017 in all local market. Some rumors are saying and we conjointly expect Huawei Honor 11 can release in the middle time in 2018 and we know that Honor 10 price was 505 dollars. Since Honor 11 is very special and it has added many special features, so we expect it will price 600 dollars.


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