Huawei Honor 20 pro Review: DxO Strongest Camera Experience


the Honor of the London conference was held smoothly. The Honor officially released the Honor 20 and the Honor 20 PRO, two Honor digital series flagships. Consistent with the previous outflow, the two models of the Honor 20 series are all new-eyed full-screen cameras equipped with the Kirin 980 processor, including the rear-mounted four-shot, which is the most eye-catching Honor of the DxOMark 20 PRO. , our fast technology also got this new flagship of Honor in advance, the first time for everyone to bring the whole network to get started.

Design & Appearance

Looking at the Honor 20 Pro at first glance, it is easy to think of its predecessor Honor V20, Honor 20 Pro is also equipped with a boring screen called Honor Full Screen. On the parameters, this screen is 6.25 inches in size and 2340×1080 in resolution. 412dpi. The advantage of the wide-eyed full-screen is very obvious. Compared with the common Notch and water-drop screens, the screen area is obviously the smallest, which can minimize the influence of the black area on the screen display, and achieve the display effect close to the perfect full screen.

In addition, the eye-catching full-view screen has a simple structure, no redundant mechanical structure such as a lifting lens and a sliding cover, and the reliability is also more stable, and the Honor can also achieve a higher screen ratio, giving the user a stronger visual impact. The upper, left and right borders of the Honor 20 PRO are of equal width, with an excellent sense of order, and the width of the bottom border is also quite good. The back of the Honor 20 Pro is still equipped with a glass cover. The four cameras are vertically arranged in the upper left corner of the back, with the glory logo printed on the bottom, and there are no other elements.

The back design of the Honor 20 PRO is worth mentioning. The back of the Honor 20 PRO gradually spreads out from the center of the reflective area. In the case of the author, the reflective center is pink, and the furry purple is slightly outward. And then it will turn blue again. Under different angles of light, the Honor 20 PRO will also exhibit intertwined and fantastic color effects, and similar to the Honor V20, its back gradient is not a simple gradient, and its interior has some vertical texture effects.

As for the rear four shots, three main shots and one row, the macro sub-photo and the flash are in a row, and the design is similar to the Huawei P30 Pro. Yes, Honor 20 PRO is the second model of Glory with side fingerprints. The fingerprint button can also be used as a power button. The fingerprint area is located on the right side of the border, below the volume button, and is narrow and long. Area, fingers can be easily identified.

As for the user experience is also very good, the position of the right side of the border regardless of the left hand or the right hand, pick up the index finger/thumb will naturally be placed on the unlock button, so the fingerprint lock is very fast, basically with the open. However, because the side unlocking area is small, it is slightly more troublesome to record the fingerprint than the traditional fingerprint unlocking. It is necessary to move back and forth a few times to move the fingerprint completely.

The overall feel of the Honor 20 Pro is a bit like the Huawei P20 Pro. The actual thickness is also close to that of the P20 Pro. There is a feeling of stagnation and heaviness in the hand. Considering the 4000mAh large battery, this thickness can be understood.

However, Honor also optimizes the grip on the design. The back has a 3D curved surface design. The back draws an arc from the middle to the sides of the frame, perfectly connecting to the middle frame, whether it is visual thickness or feel the thickness. Thin, the grip is also very comfortable and feels like a hand.

Hardware & Performance

The Honor 20 Pro is still equipped with the Kirin 980 flagship processor. The Kirin 980 is a 7nm flagship chip produced by Huawei HiSilicon. It is also one of the strongest mobile phone processors in China. Although this processor is very familiar to everyone, it is today. In view of it, its body has been given more importance and loftier meaning.

The Honor 20 PRO in my hand is 8+128GB version, but since we got the engineering machine, we can’t install any running software, so we can only test the flash speed of Honor 20 PRO with AndroBench. It can be seen that the Honor 20 PRO continuous reading speed ran out of nearly 850MB/s, which is very good UFS 2.1 flash performance.

Since the time of getting started is too short, the performance of various large games has not been tested here, but from the daily use, the Honor 20 PRO is very smooth, whether it is desktop sliding, open APP, camera video, or microblogging, and Taobao. In addition to Kirin 980,


Honor 20 PRO rear 48MP (Sony IMX586) main camera + 16MP super wide angle + 8MP telephotos + 2MP macro four camera combination, of which 48MP main aperture reached F / 1.4, which is so far The biggest flagship of the camera aperture, the following is a handy appreciative.

The samples in the default mode

Sunny day in London

Park green plants

The body art

Close-up blur

City street

Wide-angle proofs

Wide-angle mode proofs

In contrast, the default mode has only 1/3 of the wide-angle mode, and the effect is very obvious.

Zoom proofs

Honor 20 PRO zoom has 1x zoom (default mode), 3x zoom and 5x zoom by default, and the maximum zoom is 30 times.

It can be seen that even under the 5x zoom, the details of the main body of the picture remain quite rich, and the sharp noise control of the picture is also very powerful.

Super night proofs

Then the Honor 20 PRO quickly got started here. If you feel that you are still not satisfied, you can look forward to our next Honor 20 PRO depth evaluation, everyone will see you next time.

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Verdict & Buy

The Honor 20 Pro‘s four-camera camera shooting performance is excellent after the actual shooting experience. In the newly released DXO score ranking, the Honor 20 Pro scored 111 points, ranking second, and is the best product in the current glory mobile phone. The Honor 20 Pro has dual four-axis optical image stabilization, providing a good anti-shake experience in both photos and videos. Later in the day, Titanium Media will test other related performances on the Honor 20 Pro.

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