Huawei Honor 8 Exposed with 5.2inch screen


Huawei has officially released Huawei Honor V8, but it’s rumored that Huawei Honor 8 will be coming soon with 5.2inch screen. Right now according to the information by ministry of industry, Huawei has the model, CAM-TL00H to be confirmed to obtain network access license. So a lot of people think it is possible the smartphone is Huawei Honor 8.


From various aspects exposed, thiis CAM-TL00H smartphone is very likely to be the Huawei Honor 8, and it’s said Huawei Honor 8 is in preparation, even the design of the smartphone is more beautiful and exquisite than Huawei Honor V8. In addition, it’s different model from Honor V8.


Some peoples claim that Honor 8 is not the lower version of Honor V8, but also flagship smartphone prepared by Huawei, they will have difference in its screen size. And Honor 8 will come with 5.2inch screen and other specs are similar to Honor V8, but Honor 8 is built in one camera. In the other word, if you like 5.5inch screen dual camera, you can choose Huawei Honor V8, but if you are into 5.2inch screen, Huawei Honor 8 is a good choice.

As for the released time, Huawei Honor 8 will come out officially in June, but the price will be at least 1999 yuan. Although the news has not been confirmed, if the model CAM-TL00 is Huawei Honor 8, Huawei will promote its new model soon according to the Honor official marketing strategy.


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