Huawei Honor Magic 2 Disassemble, Only The Sub-Board is On The Side Of The Screen!


After the release of Honor Magic 2, everyone always thought that its slider design is different from Xiaomi Mi MIX 3, including me, but after seeing the disassemble, Magic2 is actually a sliding cover, but the details are different. Then, through the official disassemble picture to understand with everyone how Magic 2’s slide structure and screen fingerprints are done!

When the back cover was disassembled, it was found that the main board and the battery were not separated, and the sub-board was covered by the middle frame, that is, the main board and the battery sub-board placed on the side of the screen, and the cover plate was found after the main board cover was removed. There is no sealing treatment on the top!

I thought it would block the screen cable with a cover like Mi MIX 3, and the glory is to use the motherboard to block the hole. You can see a circle of foam in the lower right corner of the motherboard to seal. The cable is made through the foam. The small gap below is extended. The front panel of the foam area can be used on the front side, and the millet type of the main board opening should improve the integration of the main board. As for the sealing, the two are the same, and the individual feels glory to do so. better!

After removing the main board, the green circle screw is used to fix the main slide rail, and the blue position is a small slide rail. The main function of this small slide rail is to fix the screen to prevent left and right shaking, and the other function is to bring metal impact sound. The red circle next to it should be for weight reduction. The lower cable opening also has a circle of foam, corresponding to the motherboard!

Separate the middle frame from the screen and find that the slide rail is placed on the side of the screen. There are 10 screws fixed to the middle frame. Why does it stick out? I guess it is a balanced small slide rail because the small slide rail is not on the phone. In the middle, unlike the Mi MIX 3, the Magic 2 slide rail is a prominent screen and is a double-layer slide rail, while the Mi MIX 3 is a single-layer slide rail and is grooved on one side of the screen so that the slide rail is flush with the screen. This is also why the Honor Magic 2 slot is a little bigger than Mi MIX 3!

Why the slide rail will protrude from the screen, because the fingerprint is to be placed on the screen, the screen also has a middle frame, which is used to fix the fingerprint on the screen, and the screen cable and the fingerprint cable are connected together, connected to the sub-board, and the sub-board is extended. The two cables are connected to the main board. That is to say, there are two cables in the sliding area. In theory, the failure rate doubles, but now the cable does not take a bend. Basically, don’t worry!

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Looked down and found that Honor is mainly designed for screen fingerprints. The price paid is that there are many holes in the fuselage inside and outside. Compared with Mi MIX 3, there is only one hole. Sealing is a lot of trouble. If you don’t do it inside, you will get ash. Mi MIX 3 is also designed in this way. It seems that the magnet has no place to put it. In general, the internal structure of Honor Magic 2 is more complicated, and there are too many compromises for the screen fingerprint. Basically, the advantages and disadvantages are also complementary to Mi MIX 3!

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