Huawei Honor Tablet 2 8inch Officially Launched at 999 yuan, $150 (Unboxing Included)


Today, Huawei has caught much attraction for the new products press conference, they have not only released Huawei Honor Play 6X smartphone, Huawei Honor S1 smartwatch, but also the new generation of Tablet, Huawei Honor Tablet 2.

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As the new generation or the upgraded version of Huawei Honor tablet pc, Huawei Honor 2 will use 8inch screen, but its screen resolution has improved from  1280 x 800 pixels to 1920*1200 pixels, it is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa core processor, RAM 3GB, ROM 16GB/32GB internal storage, built in 4800mAh battery, supporting Smart 4.0 power saving technology, screen-split showing, and 4G netcom network.



As for its price, Huawei Honor Tablet 2 has three versions, the RAM 3GB ROM 16GB wifi version at 999 yuan, $150, RAM 3GB ROM 32GB Wifi version at 1299 yuan, $200, RAM 3GB ROM 32GB netcom version at 1499 yuan, $250. Right now this product has started to preorder in Huawei Vmall, JD, and Tmall, and then it will start to sell officially on October 19.






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