Huawei Honor V20 Running Score Exposure: Shocking Results


Huawei has two flagship series, the latest digital product Honor 10 has been unveiled in the first half of the year, and the V model’s latest model Honor V20 will also be in the near future according to official news, Honor V20 will be 12 On the 26th of the month, it was officially released in Beijing. At that time, we can also see the spokesperson Hu Ge at the press conference.

More than a week from the press conference, the official and folk news about the honor V20 are endless. Among them, the official has announced at the Hong Kong technical conference that the Honor V20 will be equipped with the latest Kirin 980 processor, and the digital blogger chat station also released a screenshot of the suspected Honor V20 Antutu running. As shown below, the model of the Honor V20 is PCT-AL10, and its comprehensive running score is over 290,000, which is higher than the average running score of the Snapdragon 845 mobile phone.

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The blogger also said that the configuration of the Honor V20 is: Kirin 980 chip + 8GB storage +128GB UFS 2.1 flash + Android 9.0 system, the estimated price is around 3,000 yuan ($434.50). According to the performance of the Kirin 980 mobile phone on the Antutu running platform, the performance of the Honor V20 in performance should be far more than this. The comprehensive running score of more than 300,000 is the normal performance.


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