Huawei Honor VR Debut Review, it also fits 700 degree myopia


Huawei has official released its Huawei Honor VR last night which is specialized for Huawei Honor V8 smartphone. According to its CEO, Huawei honor VR has a complete version and folding version. The complete Honor VR is built in Hi-fi, suitable for 0-700 degrees myopia. Folding version Honor VR can be made up by five honor v8 package. In the near future, Honor will cooperate with Youku to provide more VR videos.

From the picture, you can see kirin 950 GPU performance, according to test from GFXbench, its performance is equivalent to only sixty percent of samsung Exynos7420, so no wonder why huawei have been slow to launch the 2k screen mobile phone, standby time is the one to be considered, more important reason is that the GPU performance is low, using 2k screen will lead to the bad experience of mobile phone users, natural support experience of VR is not too good.

Huawei Hisilicon is the best chipset until in China, but it has long been criticized not attach importance to the GPU,using GPU on K3V2 has compatible and hot problems, early last year it launched a kirin 930 used with the previous generation GPU chip kirin 920, however, the development of the mobile Internet is that mobile phones become the main tool of the Internet, one of the main functions of the mobile Internet is used for watching video, playing the game.

Huawei will release Kirin 960 on the second half of this year which is worth looking forward to. In addition to using ARM of the new high performance core, GPU will also upgrade to Octa core to win better GPU performance. So it will have better Huawei honor VR experience for 2K screen. Just stay tuned.


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