Huawei Honor Waterproof Tablet PC Water-play Exposure: It Will Be Release On 11 October 2017


Tomorrow, the Huawei will be held in Xi’an, a new conference, officially debut happy Honor 7X mobile phone, the current phone has also been in the Ministry of Industry network, the appearance, the Honor 7X with a similar design with the Mai Mang 6, The back carrying a double photo. Color has black, gold, blue.

In addition to the phone, the Huawei seems to have prepared a new product for the fans. Yesterday, the Huawei of the official microblogging in the new warm-up, from the official notice of video, Huawei Honor  Waterplay should be a Tablet PC, the bottom of the screen there is a waist round home button, and will join the waterproof function.

His heart is very big, like to see the world with different perspectives, he also stresses the principle of stubborn temper, even if you like, but also on October 11 only willing to come out, then you patiently waiting for him, Honor Waterplay Tablet PC.

From the information given in the video, the glory of Waterplay should be a Tablet PC and have a waterproof function. However, the current news about this Tablet PC is not much, we may only see it at the press conference. But the words come back, Tablet PC with waterproof features, it seems a good selling point, do not know if you will not like it? In addition, due to the Tablet PC market downturn, Huawei Honor Waterplay If it is a Tablet PC, then, whether there are a good sales results or unknown.

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