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In another of our regular photocopiers,we built the iPhone 8 Plus and the new Huawei Mate 10 Pro. New Huawei is in the test not only because it is a brand new phone that will start selling for about 3 weeks. We have compiled it as well because it has a top dual camera and the DxOMark portal has rated it 97 points out of 100 – just one point less than the current Google Pixel 2 leader. The other flagship company, therefore, has a guaranteed place.

Dual cameras with bokeh effect and zoom have both smartphones. Huawei claims that he is better. The second monochrome image sensor provides for more details and sharpness in the images, it is said in presentations again and again. In any case the Mate 10 Pro according to the data sheet with f / 1.6 the most powerful aperture. With the iPhone 8 Plus they are somewhat smaller with f / 1.8 and let less light fall onto the image sensor. At the resolution Apple reaches 12MP out, Huawei, however, offers 20MP as the highest resolution. The Mate 10 Pro with its dual cameras beats the iPhone 8 Plus’ score 94 with a DxOMark of 97, which is unarguably a very high score. It still falls a point short of Google Pixel 2’s 98 but is somewhat closer to the flagship from the maker of Android than Cupertino’s phablet.


Apple iPhone 8 Plus equipped with a pre 7MP, aperture F2.2 camera, rear 12MP camera, iPhone 8 Plus to maintain a 12MP “wide-angle and telephoto” dual-camera program, which wide-angle camera support optical Anti-shake. From the configuration point of view, compared to iPhone 7 Plus, the surface parameters, and not much upgrade. But if you think the iPhone 8 Plus camera and iPhone 7 Plus little difference, it is wrong. The new camera upgrade point is the hardware on the ground and software algorithms on the progress.

A11 the new processor built-in Apple self-research ISP chip, greatly improving the iPhone 8 Plus camera system image processing functions, so that “portrait mode” with better results. In addition, the iPhone 8 Plus uses a larger, faster sensor, and has a new color filter and deeper pixels. In addition, the low light imaging in the iPhone 8 Plus this generation has been significantly improved, brightening algorithm improvements to iPhone 8 Plus night shot no longer fear other friends. From the later proofs we can see that Apple in this generation of lenses used in the effect of more vivid filters, compared to the previous generations of color reproduction is more real, Apple seems to have a corresponding compromise, the color is more discussed like.

Mate 10 focus very fast, capture the film rate is also very high, which we will elaborate later. Huawei Mate 10 photography is the main advantage of exposure, especially in the indoor conditions good wide aperture mode, can produce a moderate effect of scattered scenery, check Huawei Mate 10 review here, almost no artifacts. While the other two killers of Mate 10 are autofocus performance and large aperture.

The Mate 10 Pro made review by igeekphone comes with a 12MP RGB sensor and a 20MP monochrome sensor, which is tuned for taking more detailed photos. DxOMark hails the Mate 10 Pro’s camera to preserve detail in low-light situations, good exposure, and wide dynamic range, fast and repeatable autofocus as well as good bokeh simulation. It still suffers from display exposure instabilities when shooting consecutive pictures and artifacts are sometimes visible in shots of the sky. The Mate 10 Pro was also praised for fast and accurate autofocus, motion reduction, pleasant colors, accurate white balance, good exposure, and low noise levels.

The Kirin 970 integrates a more advanced new independent research and development of dual ISP, support for artificial intelligence scene recognition, quadruple mix focus, face detection, especially to improve the low light and sports scene camera ability. In addition, DxOMark re-refreshed the list due to the release of Mate 10 Pro, and it shocked the industry with a high score of 100 points. DxOMark’s evaluation of Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro is an outstanding smartphone for photographers, with a Leica dual-camera combination of 12MP and 20MP black and white sensors.

It is different from the current wide-angle wide-telephoto dual-camera module, in the absence of long lens case can still achieve a good digital zoom and background blur effect, After the f / 1.6 large aperture is currently the industry’s largest. Of course, not that the greater the aperture of the camera dark light imaging on the better, after all, the level of imaging at the same time by the photosensitive components, image processor, optical design and other factors, but if the other parameters are the same, large aperture means the Better dark camera.

The summary of the photo test as perceived by us can be found at the end of the article in the verdict. For the sake of completeness, please add the parameters of each camera

iPhone 8 Plus : 12Mpx, 28mm, f / 1.8, OIS + 12Mpx, 56mm, f / 2.8                                                                      Huawei Mate 10 Pro: 12 Mpx color, 27 mm, f / 1.6, OIS + 20 Mpx black and white, 27 mm, f / 1.6

Then we through different scenarios to understand the sample of the two pictures of the situation.

Sample: outdoor – daytime (natural light)

Full lights of the day both the focus speed is quite fast, satisfactory. The user can open the camera can shoot accurate focus of the photo. Huawei Mate 10 in the powerful four-focus power, the camera starts slightly faster than the iPhone 8 Plus, users need to record the precious moments can help users to seize the valuable time. From the group, photos can be seen, both the white balance and exposure are very accurate, the center and the edge of the same quality is also sharp. Mate 10 artificial intelligence in the recognition of the scene, you can instantly on the current scene to optimize the scene, and based on 20MP black and white lens to participate in the details of the capture, zoom to detail and level of performance better. This group of proofs in the film saturation iPhone 8 Plus better, the scene to restore the color is more saturated and bright, but also more gratifying.

Sample: Outdoor – Still Life (Natural Light)

In the AI optimized picture, the green leaves of the veins, pots of soil and the iPhone 8 Plus also retains more details. Mate 10 Pro AI recognizes the green plants, switches to the green planting mode, and because of its large aperture, it can simulate f / 0.95, which is the most common photographic mode of many users. Of the large aperture, so Mate 10 background blur to slightly better than the iPhone 8 Plus.

Sample: Indoor-LED Light (Complex Light)

Mate 10 Pro shows better dynamic and tolerant than the iPhone 8 Plus in indoor scenes with natural light and multi-faceted complex artificial light. “Color + black and white” combination of dual-shot also output a high-resolution photo. In the final presentation of the proof, Mate 10 consistent with the human eye perception, not only a good picture of the middle of the column metal luster, while the distant advertising light box has a more realistic color reproduction (iPhone 8 Plus proofs in the advertising light box There is a blue situation). Thanks to Mate 10 f / 1.6 large aperture, the screen brightness than the iPhone 8 Plus is also much higher, showing a better sense of permeability and three-dimensional sense.

Sample: indoor – still life (complex light)

Complex light under the static proofs of the two performance is not very different, are more accurate to restore the details of the object, and even the box on the details of the performance of the text is also satisfactory. This group of proofs is quite effective.

Sample: Portrait (not open portrait mode)

Huawei has a wealth of experience and skill in portrait photography. In the Leica’s blessing and Kirin 970 AI calculus, Mate 10 in the portrait of the upgrade is also very obvious. And iPhone 8 Plus portrait mode in iOS 11 also removed the Beta version of the label, ushered in the official version. So both of the portrait photography can be said to be a real strong duel.

While the day when the portrait mode is not turned on, the problem of slightly higher saturation of the iPhone 8 Plus still exists. In the high contrast environment, the facial skin is reddish because of the high saturation, and the road is also reddish. The upper right of the sky color because of the saturation problem also appeared color deviation. Mate 10 proofs are true people face color, and the sky color, cloud details have been retained.

Sample: Portrait (portrait mode)

After opening the portrait mode, because the iPhone 8 Plus portrait mode using telephoto angle, so the shooting is generally the face of the main body, the background is clearly separated from the sugar head. Mate 10 portrait mode focal length is still a regular focal length, so the film can show more people and environmental content. Virtual aspects of both do analog SLR photography to fake real level, character edge recognition accuracy, hair detail processing are also very perfect.

Sample: Black and white mode (black and white shooting mode vs. monochrome stage light mode)

Mate 10’s Leica custom dual shot has a 20MP Leica black and white lens, and Leica’s black and white photography has always been a model of Dewei photography, so Mate 10 in Leica hardware and software adjustment, can be taken with the traditional software black and white filter The mirror is completely different from the details of the shocking mind. So Mate 10 black and white photography mode and iPhone 8 Plus monochrome stage light mode also has a certain contrast necessary. We have the iPhone 8 Plus after the arrival of its portrait mode in the stage of the light mode is very stunning, the model has also been dubbed the “immortal” mode.

One of the monochrome stage lights claims to be able to simulate the real studio light effects and shoot out a large picture. But after several photo test feeling Apple’s initial attempt or there are some problems, for example, for the high requirements of environmental light, as well as automatic matting there is always a matting figure is not the accurate situation.

iPhone 8 Plus this monochrome stage light model does simulate a scene like a studio shot with a face light to the master, but the loosening of the edge and the loopholes in light processing makes it easy to see that this is software Simulation of the algorithm. We have a special sense of the cat’s master, in the Mate 10 Leica black and white lens and AI automatically identify the cat mode shooting, shoot out a full texture, rich details to meet the number of Mao’s perfect black and white, and because the algorithm from Leica offers, this photo also has a Leica camera texture.

Mate 10 will also be the kind of precious texture of the Leica camera in the black and white portrait mode faithfully presented in the habit of color photos today, so the details of the explosion-proof texture of the full black and white photo More moving people. While the iPhone 8 Plus monochrome stage light is difficult to achieve this effect, more like a funny fun mode.

Sample: Gourmet

When the Mate 10 at the food, AI instantly identify the current scene and switch to the food mode, as can be seen from the proof, the two exposure, white balance, and color reproduction are very accurate, but Mate 10 brightness slightly higher than the iPhone 8 Plus, food mode on the illusory use of intelligent food also separated from the background, creating a coke outside the soft focus inside the SLR photography perception, people more appetite.

Sample: Night view

Mate 10 AI in the dark light will automatically recognize and switch to the night mode, the user can also open the screen to open the super night mode.Mate 10 and iPhone 8 Plus dual cameras are used to support the main camera optical image stabilization design, in the night shooting experience, optical image stabilization can give users a longer safe shutter time and handheld shooting peace of mind.

To the point of view, both in such a low degree of low light conditions, have made a good view of the night view of the photo, in contrast, in this case the iPhone 8 Plus dual camera in the role of the deputy camera is minimal , While the Mate 10 black and white lens is recorded more details.

The Artificial Intelligence in the Huawei Mate 10 Pro helps with Selfies with bokeh effect, otherwise the Huawei Mate 10 Pro with its dual camera but behind the iPhone 8 Plus. Compared to the iPhone 8 Plus and the upcoming iPhone X, only need less than 452.29 USD to experience the first-class camera effects, the cost is still relatively high. From the sample point of view, Mate 10’s photo performance did give us no small surprise, relative to the previous generation Mate 9, the Kirin 970 blessing and AI to join the photo becomes more texture, the taste of the atmosphere For this year’s camera king iPhone 8 Plus no less, even in some scenes to prevail.

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