Huawei Mate 20 Pro is Priced At Nearly 6,000 Yuan ($866.78), What Do You Think?


After the launch of Apple’s new product, Huawei, which regards the iPhoneXS series as an opponent, said that on October 16th, Huawei‘s new London product launch conference was “stable”, which shows its confidence in the new generation flagship Mate 20 series.

After the 980 official debuts at the end of August this year, various rumors about the Huawei Mate 20 on the Internet have come one after another. The most eye-catching is the legendary Yuba camera. The first time I saw the online promotional image, I was also The imagination of Huawei engineers was shocked. The mobile phone lens module was made into a square, which has never appeared on the market.

The front face still retains “notch” and the front fingerprint identification module is removed. From the transition of the four rounded corners and the width of the double-sided borders, the hyperbolic design of the earlier conjecture seems to have also been confirmed. On the back side, there is no other opening beside the camera, which means that the Huawei mate 20 Pro is likely to fully adopt the screen fingerprinting technology. Earlier, there was a rumor that “Mate 20 Pro will use Qualcomm’s latest second-generation ultrasonic screen fingerprinting technology”. If this is the case, Mate 20 Pro will become the world’s first product to carry this technology.

In the first half of the year, the P20 Pro adopted a combination of the wide-angle + telephoto + black-and-white lens. The wide-angle lens also used the IMX600, which is 1/1.7 -inch CMOS, making the P20 Pro’s camera power soaring and taking DXO photos. The top of the leaderboard, even the newly released iPhone XS cannot exceed it. Since the P series has already used the IMX600’s CMOS, the upcoming flagship Mate series will not be bad. It is likely that this IMX600 will be inherited. There will even be minor improvements. From the product positioning point of view, this is basically the basic point. However, in the lens combination, this year’s Mate 20 may be different from the P20 Pro. From the Huawei official video, the new three-camera combination seems to be a combination of wide-angle + super wide-angle + 5 times telephoto. The three-shot combination cancels the previous black and white lens.

According to foreign media exposure, Mate 20’s front camera is 24MP, the back three cameras are 40MP, 20mp and 8mp, of which 40MP main lens with f / 1.8 large aperture, 20 MP The pixel telephoto lens aperture is f/2.4, and the 8MP lens is a wide-angle lens. But this is just a rumor, what exactly is the Mate 20’s lens combination, we will know on the 16th.

After Mate’s eye-catching Yuba three-shot, Mate 20 series has a lot of spy photos on the front screen shape. However, after a long period of precipitation, it is more reliable that Huawei Mate 20 will adopt the design of the water drop screen. Mate 20 Pro will The design of the full screen of the bangs surface is adopted. From the Mate 20 Pro film on the network, the screen will be COP package, according to foreign onleaks, Mate 20 Pro screen is 6.2 5 inches, bangs width 6.8mm, chin width 3.8mm, ratio iPhone X is narrow. At the same time, the five openings on the top of the film may indicate that the Mate 20 Pro will also be equipped with 3D structured light components to support 3D face recognition. At the same time, there are renderings on the network, indicating that Mate 20 Pro will also have a screen fingerprint to join. This kind of guessing is not unreasonable. After all, there is a previous generation of Mate RS that uses the front and rear dual-fingerprint design. The 3D structured light and the screen fingerprint double unlock seem to make sense.

The Kirin 980 released at the end of August is also the core point of Mate 20, especially the Kirin 980 adopts the dual-core NPU design, which has greatly helped the expansion of the AI ?? scene. From the two days of Huawei’s official warm-up Look, the AI ?? function at this Mate 20 conference will also be a highlight, such as real-time modeling and other functions. The running score of Kirin 980 has also been released in the near future. In the first two days, Antutu announced that a Huawei engineering phone codenamed LYA-L29 (suspected overseas Mate20 Pro) ran 313,561 points on Ann Bunny, surpassing Xiaolong 845, second only to the Apple A12 processor. Geekbench’s suspected Kirin 980 runs very well, with a single-core score of 3,390 points and a multi-core score of 10,318 points. The two scores are 40% and 15% ahead of the Snapdragon 845. However, whether this machine is Huawei Mate 20 has yet to be released after running.

In addition to running points, you can also see the slogan “The game shows its talents” from the promotional video. It seems that GPU Turbo will have further evolution on the Kirin 980. Although there is a full range of evolution from hardware to software, from the information currently known, Mate 20 equipped with Kirin 980 does not support 5G networks. However, the 5G technology has been widely promoted and widely promoted for several years. Now the 5G mobile phone is of little practical significance. In addition to the main Kirin 980 processor, this Mate 20 has other very powerful features, such as the super fast charge and larger battery leaked in the official warm-up video, and even the rumored 15W wireless charging.

We have compiled the memory information of the three mobile phones as follows. Students who can’t see the pictures can see the following:

Huawei Mate 20: 4GB RAM+128GB ROM, 4GB RAM+64GB ROM, 4GB RAM+256GB ROM, 6GB RAM+128GB ROM; 6GB RAM+256GB ROM, 6GB RAM+512GB ROM, 8GB RAM+128GB ROM, 8GB RAM+256GB ROM, 8GB RAM + 512GB ROM

Huawei Mate 20 Pro : 6GB RAM+256GB ROM, 6GB RAM+512GB ROM; 8GB RAM+128GB ROM, 8GB RAM+256GB ROM, 8GB RAM+512GB ROM

Huawei Mate 20 Porsche Design Edition: 6GB RAM+256GB ROM; 6GB RAM+512GB ROM; 8GB RAM+256GB ROM

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The price of the 128GB version of the Mate 20 is $799.46 (yuan 5534), and the 128GB version of the Mate 20 Pro is a lot more expensive. The price is $999.54 (Yuan 6919). Although it may seem scary, in general, Huawei’s domestic version is much cheaper, and it is relatively conscience.

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