Huawei Mate 40 Six Camera Leaked with Professional Video Recording


On the same day the iPhone 12 was released, Huawei officially released a warm-up poster for its Mate 40 series.

While leaks and industry speculation point to huawei’s Mate40 series continuing the circular rear lens module of the previous generation, the official poster has released unexpected and heavy information, suggesting that the new device may have an octagonal lens design, which is also the first official public disclosure.

According to the official poster, there are two eye-catching parts in the image. The first is the orange physical button, and the other is the main camera on the back, which seems to be octagonal design.

In addition, the corners of the phone are relatively round, no accident, will continue the curved screen design style.
More details about huawei Mate 40 series octagonal lens modules have been released by insider @rodent950. Newly leaked renderings show that huawei’s Mate series (supposed to be the Pro version) will have a six-lens array, including a ToF sensor lens.

The exact specifications are still a mystery. However, foreign media speculated that the main camera sensor is expected to be upgraded to 100 million pixels, and the Mate 40 Pro and Mate Pro+ will support professional video shooting functions.

@Rodent950 previously broke the news that the Mate 40 Pro and Mate Pro+ will replace bulky video cameras.


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