Huawei Mate 50 Pro Front Design Leaked


With HarmonyOS 3.0 coming soon, rumors about Huawei’s next flagship phone, Mate 50 series, are growing.

According to various sources recently, the design of Huawei’s Mate 50 series has been finalized and will likely be released within the next two months.

Recently, an overseas tipster has brought the front rendering of the latest Huawei Mate 50 Pro, showing the screen design of the machine.

As you can see, this image is basically the same as the previous news. The front bangs will be back, and the sides will still be curved, but the curved surface will be toned down and the display will be better than the previous “waterfall screen”.

As for the return of the fringe area, as previously mentioned on the blog, it’s a feature-driven product with special components in the fringe that bring a bunch of new features and functions in addition to supporting advanced face recognition.

Although Huawei has been somewhat unsatisfactory in the core configuration for well-known reasons in the past two years, Huawei has maintained the high-end flagship experience and brought a lot of interesting features with its strong technical reserves.

For example, although the P50 series has some shortcomings in chip and sensor hardware, it still keeps the overall photo effect at the top of the industry through powerful algorithm ability. Moreover, it also develops new ways such as low-light shooting, which can be said to be unique in the industry.

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Hopefully the next Huawei Mate 50 series will also bring us some amazing results.


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