Vislone AC220V Ceiling Fan Lamp Offered For €49.84


The use of exquisite lightning in our homes and offices offers a different personality feeling. However, it’s rare to see a lighting product that carries a ceiling fan at the same time. This is one of the most reasons why you need to consider purchasing the Vislone AC220V Ceiling Fan Lamp that comes with different lighting effects.

Design, Features

This is a two in one ( 2 in 1 ) product that has proven itself worthy to be a vital lighting tool with its design, features and specifications. Although, the current price tag of the Vislone ceiling fans makes it the best time to purchase. All buyers can get this item from Tomtop for a flash sale price of € 49.84 which is up to 57% Off the normal price.

Specifications and features

In terms of design, the Vislone AC220V Ceiling Fan Lamp adopts a round shape with ABS and Acrylic build materials. As a preferred choice of item to purchase for ours homes / offices, the Vislone ceiling fan lamp features a superior LED lighting. Obviously, this item is bent on delivering a powerful airflow and also exquisite lightings as well.

Design, Features, Specifications, price

Vislone AC220V Ceiling Fan comes with a remote control that allows users to easily control the speed of the wind, light color temperature, light brightness, set timer, and other quick functions. In addition, this product offer three (3) light colors which are; White, Neutral light, and Warm white. They can also be adjusted to meet your different usage needs.

Where To Buy:

The Vislone AC220V Ceiling Fan Lamp is currently available for a flash sale price of € 49.84 on Tomtop. Buyers from the France warehouse gets free shipping opportunity.


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