Huawei Mate 50 Pro Model has been Unveiled with a Narrower Fringe


Huawei will hold an event tomorrow afternoon to officially launch its new flagship Mate 50 series.

A day before the event, netizens posted a mockup of Huawei’s Mate 50 Pro, showing off a wave of designs for the new device in advance.

In fact, multiple rumors have confirmed that Huawei Mate 50 Pro will carry Banghai screen, but the actual effect is still a little different from everyone’s speculation.

The bangs of Huawei Mate 50 Pro are not very similar to the bangs of iPhone. The horizontal length of the bangs is large, but the vertical height is actually very narrow. It should be able to blend perfectly with the status bar, without the large white space in the status bar like the iPhone.

This narrow fringe design can also minimize the occlusion of content when playing games and watching videos, and the overall screen visual experience will be better.

In addition, previous leaks have also mentioned that the bangs on the Huawei Mate 50 Pro offer some special gameplay, with many hidden components that are more practical than the bangs on the iPhone.

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The model also shows that Mate 50 Pro will have a hyperboloid design, but the two sides of the screen are much more friendly than the waterfall screens of the previous two generations, and things like green edges should also be improved.


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