Huawei Mate Pad Pro 11 can Remote Control PC


Tonight, Huawei will be hosting the launch of HarmonyOS 3 and Huawei’s new full-screen product launch, where HarmonyOS 3 and many other new products will introduce.

The new tablet, Huawei’s MatePad Pro 11, will feature an 11-inch OLED screen with a 120Hz high screen, according to blogger Digital chat site.

The blogger also said the new tablet will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 flagship core, which is expected to be either Snapdragon 870 or Snapdragon 8. In addition, the plate uses six layers of graphene and VC liquid cooling plate to ensure the stable performance of the flagship core.

Notably, the new device is expected to be powered by HarmonyOS 3.0, which allows for communication sharing between remote PCS and mobile phones.

It is reported that the remote control PC function, users can remotely control their laptops at home or in the company through the smart life App, and access all the data you need to access.

The other is the mobile communication sharing function, is to share the network of the mobile phone to the tablet, call and text messages can be carried out on the tablet.

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Elsewhere, the new tablet will come with an 8300mAh battery, 66W fast charge, HUAWEI SOUND, and a new split keyboard and stylus.


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