Huawei Mate X Slightly Modified Have Seen on Hands Via the CEO


The launch of the Huawei Mate X folding phone was postponed until September because the company feared damage to its reputation, especially after the Samsung Galaxy Fold fiasco (and US sanctions). The device went through some changes in its design compared to the prototype displayed in February during the MWC fair.

Richard Yu, head of the consumer electronics division, spoke with journalist Li Wei at an airport in China. She took some time to use Mate X and take pictures of the folding device; The images were shared on the social network Weibo.

The XDA Developers noticed some changes in design. The Mate X now has a quad camera on the outside, not triple: the additional sensor uses time-to-flight (ToF) technology, according to Huawei ‘s official website, to measure the distance from objects and calculate 3D depth.

Just below the cameras is a button that releases the folding part of the Mate X. It is wider than the prototype shown a few months ago and is marked by a red line. When you press it, the phone switches from folded to open mode.

The camera and hinge area appear to have a carbon fiber-like texture; in fact, it’s still black, and it’s just reflecting the airport ceiling. Note that in the picture above, the same white lines appear on the phone screen.

Huawei initially planned to launch Mate X in June but decided to postpone it until September because it had to improve screen quality, as one company executive told the Wall Street Journal. In addition, a spokesman told CNBC: “We don’t want to launch a product that will destroy our reputation.”

From photos, it is difficult to know if the bulge on the folding part of the screen is still very noticeable, but there are no obvious signs of wear, which is a good sign. Samsung, meanwhile, plans to launch Galaxy Fold in September with design improvements; it will be sold “in select markets”. Folding phones will cost about $2000 each.

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