Huawei Mate X2 Concept Appeared: Punch Hole Dual Screens Folded, 5 Rear Cameras, Supports Stylus


Foreign media released a set of concept renderings about Huawei Mate X2. In this set of concept renderings, Huawei MateX2 was designed with two screens, and the folding method of the mobile phone has also undergone major changes.  As a folding mobile phone, Huawei MateX2 should be said to have a new breakthrough in design, mainly reflected in the huge change in the folding screen. The original Huawei MateX mobile phone screen folding method is the positive and negative folding method, but in the concept rendering, the Huawei MateX2 screen folding method has become the design of the main screen inward folding, and the front of the fuselage after folding Equipped with a larger screen.

Since the screen is not designed to fold outwards, for the selfie operation, Huawei MateX2 chose the design of punching on the screen. By punching in the middle of the screen, the selfie operation can continue well. In addition, Huawei MateX2 will not be equipped with face recognition and unlock design. At the same time, due to an additional screen on the outside of the phone, Huawei MateX2 will support off-screen fingerprint recognition and unlocking technology.

Since the previous generation of Huawei’s folding mobile phone Huawei MateX uses a flexible screen that folds out, and the flexible screen cannot be equipped with fingerprint recognition and unlocking module, Huawei MateX uses fingerprint recognition and unlocking on the side of the fuselage. However, Huawei MateX2 will solve this problem very well, because the OLED screen on the surface of the fuselage can be designed with fingerprint recognition and unlocking, so Huawei MateX2 can use the fingerprint recognition and unlocking technology under the screen to solve the problem of biometric encryption.

Huawei MateX2 adopts the design of a square lens module with high recognition on the back of the fuselage, and a total of five cameras are designed in the lens module. Although it is a folding mobile phone, it can also be seen in Huawei’s naming rules that Huawei’s folding mobile phone belongs to the flagship mobile phone series, so its ability to take pictures is still very powerful. Huawei MateX2 will be equipped with a 64-megapixel main lens, but what is surprising is that Huawei MateX2 is not equipped with a square telephoto lens, which means that Huawei MateX2’s zoom capability will not be very prominent.

But even without the telephoto lens, Huawei MateX2 will still be a mobile phone with powerful camera capabilities. In addition, the battery of Huawei MateX2 will still be divided into two parts and installed inside the fuselage, so the charging speed of Huawei MateX2 will still be very powerful. The charging speed of 100W will allow Huawei MateX2 to fully charge the battery in a very short time.

The best operation for the large screen of the folding phone is to be equipped with a stylus. Huawei MateX2 solves this problem well. Although Huawei MateX2 is a flexible screen design, it is said to support the handwriting function of the stylus. Subsequent handwriting with a stylus on a large-sized folding mobile phone will not be a problem in the future.

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Do you like the design of Huawei MateX2 concept renderings? If Huawei Mate X2 is really released according to the design in the concept rendering, will you support it and buy it in the first place?


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