Huawei Matebook 2017 Version Will Be Released on May 23 from Official


Besides smartphones, tablet pc, smartwatch, etc, Huawei has released a notebook line, Matebook, after one year passes, a new Matebook has come. At end of May 2016, Huawei officially releases its first notebook, Matebook, aiming at business office work, adopting notebook and 2in1 tablet design, powered by Intel M3/M5/M7 processor, offering the removable keyboard, selling at 4,988, $831 to 9.688 yuan. $1614.

Right now Huawei Matebook 2017 is coming, because Huawei CEO, Yu Chengdong officially announces Huawei Matebook 2017 will be released globally in Berlin, Germany on May 23. About product details, Huawei has not leaked. From its slogan, ;Use Limited to create unlimited,  change unknown to become future’.  So Huawei Matebook 2017 will have big innovation.

According to evleaks, Huawei Matebook 2017 will have three products, besides 2in1 tablet, it has traditional notebook, as for specs, it will be powered by Intel 7th Core I5 processor, RAM 8GB, 15 inch screen, are you looking forward to it?


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