Huawei Matebook X Notebook Specs Leaked: Comparable to Macbook


Huawei will launch a lightweight and heavyweight product called Huawei Matebook X that has been built in three years, focusing on thinness and portability.

This notebook is different from the 13.9-inch screen of the previous Matebook X Pro. It will use a 13-inch screen, which is claimed to be smaller than A4 paper.

According to previous revelations, the Matebook X notebook will use a 3K floating full screen with no metal frame this time, which is based on the ultra-narrow frame nowadays, almost eliminating the frame, and achieving the fantasy effect of almost all screens on the B side.

In addition to the design and appearance, the Matebook X notebook will also change a lot in the application experience this time, especially the trackpad problem of Windows notebooks that is often criticized by people will be the focus of improvement.

Weibo big leaker the news that this new Huawei computer has made a FreeTouch pressure trackpad solution similar to Apple’s Macbook, and it also incorporates NFC, which makes multi-screen collaboration more convenient.

This point is also in line with previous expectations. Matebook X notebooks will obviously continue to enhance the multi-screen collaboration experience and further optimize the productivity of smartphones and PCs. This is one of the exclusive features of Huawei notebooks.

As for the experience of the FreeTouch trackpad, after switching to a solution similar to Macbook this time, the failure of Windows notebook touch controls should become history, which may become the next selling point of Huawei notebooks.

In other respects, the narrow bezels and screen-to-body ratio of Matebook X notebooks are also conventionally improved, and they are more refined.

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Finally, the price of the Matebook X notebook…Anyway, the Matebook X Pro is the high-end route. After the specifications and experience are improved, the Matebook X notebook has no reason to lower the price.


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