Huawei MatePad Pro2 Geekbech Score Leaked: Kirin 9000, 8GB RAM


For several well-known reasons, Huawei has yet to launch a flagship product this year, with the long-overdue P50 series and the MatePad Pro2 also being delayed.

According to the latest news, it has been revealed that Huawei will hold a smart all-scene new product launch event on June 2nd, and the MatePad Pro2 flagship tablet will finally debut.

The MatePad Pro 2 will have a Kirin 9000 processor and 8GB of RAM, with a score of 908 for a single core and 2,987 for a multi-core.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei MatePad Pro2 also runs the Hongmeng OS 2.0 system. With the help of this system, the running score of this set of configuration is basically the same as that of the Android system, which also proves that Hongmeng OS has a high degree of completion and stability.

In addition, it is revealed that Huawei P50 series will be delayed in July, so the MatePad Pro2 series will also be the world’s first device with HongMeng system pre-installed, which is very anticipated.

Previously, it was reported that Huawei has also optimized the Hongmeng OS system carried on the MatePad Pro2 exclusively for tablet, which can achieve deep linkage with Huawei mobile phones and other products, and can better provide users with multi-screen collaboration and other use experience.

Huawei’s MatePad Pro2 will come in two sizes, one with a 12.2-inch domestic Huxing screen and the other with a 12.6-inch Samsung OLED screen, both of which support high refresh rates.

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In terms of ID design, Huawei MatePad Pro2 will continue the overall design of the previous generation, adopting a comprehensive screen scheme with ultra-narrow screen frame, which has a very shocking visual experience. At the same time, with a metal body, the whole machine has a very excellent texture.


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