Huawei Maya-a New Budget Smartphone with MT6737T and Small Screen Unveiled on Geekbench


A mysterious Huawei new smartphone has spotted on Geekbench, its model is MYA-L03, and it shows the 658 points in single core, and 1,815 points in multi core, which is an entry phone, it is powered by MT6737T quad core 1.44Ghz processor. As for other specs, it includes RAM 2GB, running Android6.0 OS.


According to other media, this smartphone is very similar to MYA-L23 certificated by US FCC by the end of last year, the latter is dual SIM card version, from FFC network approval file, Huawei new phone has 2,920mAh battery, supporting LTE Band 2,4,5,7. In addition, FCC has also leaked a real photo to show single camera and dual LED flash, it doesn’t look very big in terms of screen, And it doesn’t support fingerprint scanner.

It’s said that Huawei Maya position is lower than Huawei Honor 6X, which may is the US customized smartphone, and it should sell within 150usd, so Huawei fans are time to cheer up.


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