Huawei Mediapad M5 Youth Edition VS iPad Mini 5 Comparison Review: Which One is The Strongest Tablet?


Apple has reinvented the mobile phone.” The moment Jobs said this at the press conference was a dazzling moment in the history of technology. But it also means that the “reinvented” iPhone is an improved product. Does Jobs have a completely “invented” new product?

The answer is yes – the iPad tablet. As a 100% brand new product category, the iPad was ridiculed as a large iPhone at the beginning of the release, but it turned out to be Steve Jobs’ vision. Five years after the launch of the iPad, global shipments of tablet PCs (200 million units) almost caught up with the entire computer market (288 million units) in 2015.

In fact, as early as 2003, when Jobs was interviewed by Dr. Mo, he predicted the future of the tablet, and even more amazingly, Scott Forstall, the former Apple executive who was regarded as the successor to Jobs, broke the news that the first generation iPhone was The iPad prototype was modified based on it. Jobs saw the future of the tablet, but what he might not have expected was that Huawei from China became the most difficult opponent of the iPad.

According to IDC statistics, in the Chinese tablet market in 2018, Apple ranked first with a market share of 37.8%, but at the same time, Huawei rose strongly, rising by 18.9% against the trend and winning a 28.3% share, ranking second. For the first time, the iPad, which has been in the world for 8 years, has encountered a powerful challenger who narrowed the gap to less than 10%. On November 6, 2018, Huawei released a new voice tablet – Huawei Medipad M5 Youth Edition, which Huawei called “a new species of tablet PC” and released the 8-inch version on March 25, 2019.

On March 18, 2019, four years later, Apple finally updated the iPad mini-series and launched the latest 8-inch tablet iPad mini 5. As the latest products of Apple and Huawei, they are also the only two choices in the current 8-inch tablet market. Both products have received great attention since their release. Recently, I have also obtained these two products. What is the real performance? Who is the strongest 8-inch tablet?

Design & Appearance

On the left is the 8-inch Huawei tablet M5 Youth Edition, and on the right is the iPad mini 5. Here, the iPad mini 5 is too familiar. It continues the ID design of the iPad mini 1 7 years ago. The 5th generation is almost carved out of a mold. You can hardly distinguish it without careful observation. Who is who?

Compared with the bottom frame, it is obvious that the “chin” of the 8-inch Huawei flat panel M5 youth version is narrower. The top border is also the same, the 8-inch Huawei tablet M5 youth version is narrower. Although the 8-inch Huawei tablet M5 youth version of the screen black side is slightly thicker than the iPad mini5, the total width of the left and right borders (frame + screen black side), the two flat panels are not much different.

It can be seen that with the narrower upper and lower borders, the 8-inch Huawei tablet M5 youth version has a higher screen ratio. Considering that the iPad mini 5 uses the ID design 7 years ago, this result is taken for granted. As for the thickness of the body, the iPad mini 5 is narrower with a 6.1mm ultra-thin body, but you can see that both panels are designed with a curved frame, which is ergonomic and further optimizes the user’s grip.

But even with the curved border, the grip experience of the two tablets is quite different. Thanks to the 16:9 screen, the 8-inch Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition is slimmer, and the one-handed hand can hold the tablet like a handshake, ensuring that the tablet remains stable when used in some dynamic scenes. The iPad mini 5 uses a 4:3 screen and the body is wider. It is quite reluctant to hold with one hand. In most scenes, it can only be stabilized with a “pinch” posture, and the stability is slightly worse.

All Tests

Taking into account the main use of the tablet in the audio and video reading, etc., here focus on the common features of voice assistants, audio and video, multi-user and other functional experience.

Voice assistant

The 8-inch Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition is equipped with a small art voice assistant. As long as it is placed on the smart base or the smart voice function is turned on, Xiaoyi will be activated. The Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition will change into a “smart speaker”.

Of course, the iPad mini 5 is also equipped with the intelligent voice assistant Siri, but Siri… still the Siri that you are all familiar with. So who is the performance of Xiaoyi and Siri? Xiaoyi vs Siri, Here we go!

The first is the voice viewing, here I put the same instruction on the two tablets “I want to see “your name”. Xiaoyi directly listed the videos I wanted to watch on the screen, while Siri did not successfully recognize the instructions. Then there is the voice listening to music, here I put the same instruction on the two tablets “I want to listen to Jay Chou’s song”. Xiaoyi can start playing music directly, while Siri can only retrieve music resources from the local, and playback fails.

Finally, the voice listens to the news. Here, the author gives the same instruction to the two tablets, “I want to see the news. Xiaoyi started playing voice news directly, and Siri couldn’t understand the command to start a web search. It can be seen that the 8-inch Huawei tablet M5 youth version of Xiaoyi successfully completed the tasks of the intelligent voice assistant, and Siri’s performance is extremely stupid, three wins and losses have been divided, high judgment. It is worth mentioning that the 8-inch Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition is equipped with a linear array four-microphone configuration, which can accurately pick up the sound within 5 meters, which increases the success rate of its voice operation, making it a true “smart” Speaker”.

Audio and Video experience

Due to the wider screen ratio (4:3), the iPad mini 5 has more black edges than the 8-inch Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition, which greatly affects the actual look and feel. This is one of the hard hits when watching the video on the iPad mini 5. Visually check the black side of the iPad mini 5 is about twice as wide as the Huawei M5 youth version. Of course, if you often watch the 4:3 old film, it is very suitable to use the iPad mini 5. However, most of the video or live broadcast is currently 16:9 or longer, compared to the 8-inch Huawei tablet M5 Youth Edition is more suitable to watch the video.

Double Speakers

For a video board, the level of the speaker is the decisive factor in determining the quality of the sound. Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition (8 inches) placed a speaker on the top and bottom of the fuselage to form a stereo surround effect in the external release. However, the symmetrically arranged stereo dual speakers are only the most basic configuration. Here, Huawei uses the flagship decentralized Harman Kardon professional tuning and HUAWEI Histen sound effects and other technologies for a blessing.

In addition, the tablet also has a built-in dual Smart PA audio chip to increase feedback during the external release process. After the daily experience, the author believes that the design of the 8-inch Huawei flat panel M5 youth version of the large cavity can make the sound of watching and playing outside the game more immersive and has not seen broken sound. In the same price, it is quite good.

The iPad mini 5 is also equipped with a “double speaker”, but it is located at the bottom of the fuselage, can not form a surround sound effect, the viewing experience is indeed a lot of color loss. But if you don’t talk about stereo, the audio experience is pretty good.

Reading Experience

The most important factor affecting the reading on the tablet should be whether it is eye protection. The 8-inch Huawei tablet M5 Youth Edition is equipped with a special “black and white eye protection” reading mode, while the iPad mini 5 is equipped with the highly acclaimed iPhone. Original color display” function.

As far as the reading experience is concerned, the black and white mode of the 8-inch Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition can imitate the black and white texture of paper books, completely shielding harmful blue light, which makes it still excellent in reducing the reading experience of paper books. Eye protection effect.

The original color display of the iPad mini 5 can adjust the warm and cold color of the screen according to the ambient light so that the screen is integrated into the environment. However, the iPad mini 5 does not take special protective measures against the blue light, and it is recommended to open the eye protection mode for a long time.

In addition, Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition (8 inches) also joined Huawei’s leading filter blue light technology to reduce the proportion of blue in the spectrum, care for both eyes, and ease the fatigue caused by long-term use of the eye.

Multi-User Experience

The tablet is undoubtedly a product with family attributes, which means that both parents and children often use the same tablet.

But the problem is coming. I believe that readers with children often feel headache when using mobile phones and tablets at home. They don’t give their children mobile phones. They will make trouble for themselves. If they play, the children don’t know how to control them. Playtime, delay learning.

For this rather localized pain point, the iPad mini 5, like other iPads, does not have a personalized multi-user setting (this is also a problem for parents in foreign countries); however, the 8-inch Huawei tablet M5 youth version still gives orders. A satisfactory solution – the children’s model.

The 8-inch Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition can be opened with one button. This mode is pre-installed with rich animations, children’s songs, and many other content resources. If the child wants to exit the child mode, he must enter a password to strengthen the parent’s control.

In addition, the 8-inch Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition has developed a number of special features for children in the children’s mode, including sitting eye protection reminder, Blu-ray filter protection, time control and other functions, which can be said to take into account all aspects of the child’s use of the tablet.

Wisdom identification

It is worth mentioning that the 8-inch Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition is also equipped with the intelligent recognition function of AI blessing. As the name suggests, this function can be recognized by the camera. In the process of the author’s test, smart identification is correct. The rate is very high, whether it is to identify pets, food, stars, plants, or even direct purchase links.

Hardware & Performance

As a device mainly used for home entertainment, the performance of the tablet is also one of its core parameters. Here I use the most popular mobile game “Glory of the King” to test the 8-inch Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition and iPad mini 5.

Comparison of the number of frames of “Glory of the King”

Test environment: “Glory of the King” opens multi-thread optimization, high frame rate mode, image quality adjustment to the highest, resolution adjustment to high, using the built-in frame number display to test the two panels. The 8-inch Huawei tablet M5 youth version of the frame performance, maintained between 50-60 frames floating. The frame number of the iPad mini 5 is always maintained at 60 frames or more.

The performance of the iPad mini 5 is unquestionable, but the performance of the 8-inch Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition is also impressive. The GPU Turbo 2.0 Plus Kirin 710 is also very good.

“King of glory” Vision Comparison

When testing the number of frames, the author found a small problem. The 8-inch Huawei tablet M5 youth version has a screen ratio of 16:9, while the iPad mini 5 has a screen ratio of 4:3. The two screens are longer and one higher. Logically speaking, when displaying the game screen, the 8-inch Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition will have more horizontal display area, while the iPad mini 5 will have more vertical display area.

The picture above shows the screenshot of the 8-inch Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition. The picture below shows the iPad mini 5 screenshots.

However, the actual situation is beyond the author’s expectation. In the case that the camera height is also set to “high”, compared to the 8-inch Huawei tablet M5 youth version, the iPad mini 5 does not display more pictures in the vertical direction, and the horizontal direction is less. /5 or so screen.

The red part is the display area of ​​the 8-inch Huawei flat panel M5 youth version.

Of course, this should only be an application adaptation problem, and it has nothing to do with the tablet, but the larger screen shows fewer game screens. For the players, it is really ridiculous, I hope Tencent can fix this problem as soon as possible.

Antutu Score

Compared to the iPad mini 4, the biggest upgrade of the iPad mini 5 is its A12 processor. As the same processor of the iPhone XS MAX, its performance is unquestionable. Here, the Antu rabbit software is used for routine running.

The iPad bunny of the iPad mini 5 runs.

It can be seen that the iPad mini 5’s Antutu runs up to 360,000 points. This score is already better than the shoulder 855 855. In other words, the iPad mini 5 is also the most powerful 8-inch tablet. However, due to different platforms, the running scores of iOS and Android cannot be directly compared. This is for reference only.

As for the 8-inch Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition equipped with the Kirin 710 processor, this Huawei self-developed mobile platform has been used for mobile phones. After a period of optimization, it is now mature for tablet devices. Huawei’s exclusive GPU Turbo 2.0 technology blessing can also be seen in the frame number test, and the potential of the Kirin 710 is further explored.

The 8-inch Huawei flat-panel M5 youth version of the Antu Bunny runs the standard mid-range processor performance.

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Verdict & Buy

It’s hard to believe that the tablet, a new product that was just born in 2010, has been in stagnant growth and has fallen into an unstoppable downturn after only six or seven years. In 2015, the annual sales of tablet PCs exceeded 200 million units, but sales in 2017 have fallen by a quarter, with only 160 million units.

In fact, the tablet market has continued to shrink for 16 consecutive quarters, and even the iPad has failed to stop or delay this trend for the entire four years. And the iPad itself can only be self-protected. As of 2017, its sales have experienced 12 consecutive quarters of decline, only after the sale of cheap iPads.

There are always exceptions to everything, and Huawei is the most exceptional brand in the tablet market. Here, the author simply sorted out the statistics of the tablet market in IDC from 2014 to 2017. Huawei’s growth is clear at a glance.

In the case of a shrinking environment in the tablet market, Huawei’s rapid growth in the period from 2014 to 2017 has increased by 416% compared to 2014. As of the third quarter of 2018, Huawei’s global tablet market share has reached 8.9%, second only to Apple, Samsung and Amazon, becoming China’s number one.

The author has been confused about the “unreasonable” growth of Huawei Tablets until after comparing the 8-inch Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition with the iPad Mini 5, the author understands this reason.

Here I ask a question: Is the iPad mini 5 good?

The answer is obvious – very good. Just an A12 processor is enough to make the iPad mini 5 in the tablet market.

Other than that?

Gone. The iPad mini 5 is essentially a routine update of the old iPad mini. The processor upgrade is its most sincere and only big upgrade (supporting the old Apple Pencil is clear of inventory). There is no change in appearance. The ID design that has been used since the iPad mini generation has made it impossible for you to directly distinguish which one is 4 generations and which one is 5 generations. You can even feel the time is stagnant on the iPad mini. The iPad mini 5 is really good, but sorry, you are just a good guy.

In comparison, the 8-inch Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition is more like a 2019 technology product.

With the addition of intelligent voice, the 8-inch Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition has the ability to acquire smart speakers, while the linear array four-microphone configuration brings 5 ​​meters of pickup, which makes the voice assistant truly usable. When not in use, put the smart base seconds. Variable smart speakers solve the problem of idleness that has been plaguing tablet products.

And with Harman Kardon and Huawei’s Listen sound effects blessing, also let the 8-inch Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition get superior audio and video capabilities. The perfect multi-user design and children’s model also allows the tablet to truly have a family attribute that can be shared with every family member with peace of mind.

In short, you can feel that Huawei is really thinking about how to solve the pain points of tablet users and use technology accumulation and innovation to solve them. This is also the reason why Huawei’s tablet sales will go against the trend. Huawei is a company that uses innovative products to harvest consumers.

In addition to the innovative design, in terms of cost performance, Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition, which is only sold at 1199 yuan, has a huge advantage over the iPad mini 5 which is sold at 2921 yuan. In other words, the Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition uses less than half the price of the iPad mini 5 to achieve more features and a better experience. For consumers, this is the most practical embodiment of the product.

As Jobs said: “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Huawei is indeed using innovation to lead the advancement and development of the tablet industry.

In general, the iPad mini 5 is still the best choice for heavy gamers with high-performance requirements. The 360,000 A12 chip is the strongest 8 inch, but for a fresher and more comfortable experience. For users, the 8-inch Huawei Tablet M5 Youth Edition that solves many pain points is a better choice.

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