Huawei Nova 2 Smartphone Poster Unveils


Besides Huawei P series and Mate series, Huawei has also released Nova series aiming at beauty and photographing. Recently, Huawei announces they will release Huawei Nova phone in Nova series on May 26. Besides Nova series, we can see Huawei invites Zhang Yixing, Chinese celebrity as Nova 2 series spokesman according to the poster.

Huawei Nova 2 series will still focus on beauty and selfie-taking. As for smartphone color, Huawei Nova 2 is said to have three or four colors, green, pink, blue and black, it will have 20MP front camera, dual camera to support optical zooming. And it is said to bring human image mode, and other new entertainment.

As for specs, Huawei Nova 2/Plus has 5.1 and 5.5 inch screen, powered by Kirin 660 processor, the front camera has 20MP and the back camera has 13MP+8MP, which adopts similar dual rear camera solution to iphone 7 plus.

In Huawei Nova series, Huawei has also invited the other celebrity from China, Guan Xiaotong, so will Huawei invite two celebrities as Huawei Nova 2 series spokesman? Stay tuned.


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